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    • Warden Flamewater

      Contest Opportunity! 
      Click on this status update for a chance to win some free stuff from me.
      Give me the best answer to this phrase:
      Donald Trump came up with a new Olympic sport that he can win, it was called __________ the most in 60 seconds.
      The best answer (in terms of comments gets the following 3 rewards)
      - SG553 | Tiger Moth (Minimal Wear)
      - StatTrak UMP45 | Riot (Minimal Wear)
      - Your answer will be featured on my blog page front!
      1) 1 point per like earned
      2) +100 Skill Score per like earned (not on yourself, see rule 3)
      3) Liking your own comment results in -5 points
      Originated from: Match Game (a gameshow from 1970)
      Good luck, have fun :)
      · 13 replies
    • President Evil

      we bumpin this when he wins the election
      · 1 reply
    • Durandal

      I accidentally urinated on a snake. 
      · 0 replies
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