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Today, 07:00 PM

type !votearmor to vote to enable armor for the map - 51% of players must be in favor to enable armor for the map, armor is off by default

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[Coming Soon] King of the Hill

Today, 06:59 PM

Posted by President Evil in Server Announcements

After playing too much arma I couldn't help but think how to port this to CSGO. Two teams, 32 vs 32, 3 capture points, big map.
How does the game work?
You spawn at your base with your team mates at opposite sides of the map, you then must capture areas around the map, the longer you hold on to the areas the more points your team gets, once a team reaches 200 points (or time limit is reached) the round is over.
If you are killed you will have 20 seconds to "bleed out", within that time a medic can revive you and you will respawn where you died.
To win at this game mode your team must organize pushes toward areas and plan and prioritize in order to successful.
Will there be classes?
Yes, there will be 5 classes for now. Medic - revives/heals players, Heavy - more HP, has access to heavy weapons, Infantry - generic starter class, Sniper - sniper class ofc, only has sniper as primary.
Some classes will have quotas limiting how many players can be a certain class, such as sniper, so the whole team can't be snipers, max snipers per team is 2 (4 total).
Each class will have its own perks(I know, how original huh), and weapons. Players will need to level up in order to gain access to new classes.
What maps are there?
Only one for now, a modified version of hg_afghanistan. This map has an automated helicopter. More maps will be added later.

Darkness and maybe Francisco will develop this mod.


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Dance Dance Revolution Comes to CS:GO.

26 Mar 2015

Posted by Darkness in News & Events

@Bara and @Zipcore have been working on this for quite some time and we thought it was a neat idea - so we are hosting a couple servers for them.


It is now open for public beta testing @ and


More details can be found here http://ddr.yt/


Skip to 50 seconds for the actual gameplay

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Lots of updates

Today, 05:38 PM


- !shelp menu similar to the one on ttt to make spectating work

-survivors left overlays (overlays by @President Evil)

-more reliable last players beacon system - doesnt beacon individually and beacons wont bug out and carry over rounds

-when there are <= 4 players alive all players will be given an option to teleport back to spawn, this teleport can only be done once per round

-disabled extended freeze time on maps that dont have cages / capsules in spawn

-players now spawn with a knife instead of having to type !knife in chat

-made chat cleaner by hiding all chat commands. ie !knife !admin etc;

-kill events no longer broadcast

-dead players no longer show up on the scoreboard

-kills / assists / deaths are hidden



-old last players beacons plugin (very buggy)


and various under the hood bug fixes

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Traitor shop item suggestion

Today, 04:06 PM

Would it be possible to give traitors the disguiser item from JB? I think it would be pretty cool that if you were a T and killed a detective you would appear as that person to other people (including name showing up when being aimed at if possible?) along with having the D above your head.

  17 Views · 2 Replies ( Last reply by MarshmallowKush )

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  • DarknessPhoto

    Darkness - Today, 07:00 PM

    type !votearmor to vote to enable armor for the map - 51% of players must be in favor to enable a...

  • President EvilPhoto
    [Coming Soon] King of the Hill

    President Evil - Today, 06:59 PM

    After playing too much arma I couldn't help but think how to port this to CSGO. Two teams, 32 vs...

  • BaraPhoto

    The servers was updated and no problem with update (csgo update).

  • DarknessPhoto
    Lots of updates

    Darkness - Today, 05:38 PM

    added- !shelp menu similar to the one on ttt to make spectating work-survivors left overlays (ove...

  • MarshmallowKushPhoto
    Traitor shop item suggestion

    MarshmallowKush - Today, 04:11 PM

    that would be extremely overpowered. my rdm manager has already conditioned players to be terrifi...

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