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  1. I've been off due to school ill b on but not as often even though Slayers has hti a bump ill b back after my studying is finished for psat. I'll get on but not 6 hours like befoe.

  2. hmm ... daz wierd try another browser
  3. slow try go to incogn tab
  4. is old slayers coming back?!?!

    toast and geno back on jb?!?

  6. im so confused honestly ima stop talking sometimes i get retarded
  7. @Mysticmints wat i meant was the old members :3
  8. yeah i didnt include some cuz i put etc cuz u guys know them dont give me dah h8s soz valentine and @Rage* were u saying that 2 me or? cuz ik the old fags lol they did lots 2 me *aboooose*

  10. @neT nah my dude i want old old old slayers back with toaster those peepz :D
  11. when can we make or are we gonna have like a old old fags day like we had before? we needa bring back the old slayers with some of the older Slayers ideas on that day we could bring back lots of stuffs maybe. Some of old fags are(toaster, raiden, Laurence, :( lilcoon :( ,luckyme,darkness etc ya know those peoples) just a question out there. plz make onez
  12. everyone search shaolin(dk spelling) soccer and look for the big guy thats joey <3 shout out to the manz and Charm good luck in life if u have that attitute thought u changed so i tried to give you another chance but nah.... good luck when u dont get ur way in life, its gonna hit u like a fken truck. for u probably u know those things they're called TONKA'S no? yeah u get my point @Joey1029
  13. +1 and congrats on da baby :3