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  1. +1 and congrats on da baby :3
  2. good day on ttt today one of the best in a long time <3 old fags

  3. lol fell asleep and had a bind going saying something like if u c me afk blah blah kic kme lol when one ones on? ur only one on server like cmon
  4. i was banned 2 days for afk btw*
  5. ...
  6. pissed asf bcuz Asuna is fken retarded and lost us the tie at least for a comp game...

    1. Dycidz


      no one cares

    2. §TheWorstPlayer♂♀


      u do lol cuz u replied "took time to reply to me" <3 love u 2

  7. dycids ur actually retarded i dont have to cuz everyone reported you already i dont need to lol everyone esle can lol and wym i dont do my job u can ask anyone on jb if i do my job or not.
  8. !
  9. let me add more btw. starts shit with so many people and keeps going non stop when no one wants to hear about the shit hes talking about. no really that funny just plain annoying when he eats his mic and talks for ages.
  10. yes of course i would rather have you than all the other squeakers ahem char,plue, etc
  11. -1 idk all he did was abuse his rank by using slam 24/7 and i am ssa couldnt target and when i would ask to turn off he would mute lol so ima have to say no.
  12. -1 good paidman but can be annoying at times . (private app) +1 if its ssa app
  13. -1 afks hours on jb and after i kick him hes goes straight to TTT and has automatic msg saying kick me if blah blha blah. should b banned like i was before for afk hours
  14. +1 wait hold the fuck up how are you not vet yet and fken Halochris is bishhh tf nibba. will always rememeber those l8 nights Riv dk if u still remember but ;( I cri eri tiem cuz your not there