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  1. me first btw
  2. Autism speaks.
  3. hi pres
  4. Hey, that's my voice. That's rape by taking it without my consent btw.
  5. Tfw people are reporting for two slays, why are you even looking at this thread @noobnz.
  6. Disgusting. Are you all proud of yourselves, making a child your new god. Ban him and burn him to the ground, hit him across the face and body with bats wrapped in barbed wire and move on with your lives. Let Plue go, it's time for god to take him now.
  7. He's just going to throw money at these events. Next first place prize is the all new Rolex Master I, that lists for a little over $31,000. @Laurence
  8. wait plue is on his like 5th ban right? no more bails allowed, give sg your moms credit card info now
  9. Stop being autistic so that people don't hate you. @Plue101. /thread No abuse found.
  10. It all starts with pitchforks, making examples of people is really important. It's a road of banning friends, but a necessary evil to give SG the much needed backbone it's been lacking.
  11. Why is chondo making sense, enough of this.
  12. Vote on the times you want. This will be a major meeting, regarding rules and updates to admins requirements/permissions. Do your best to attend.
  13. Denied, you may pay bail.