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  1. Damn erik i see you online miss slayers already?

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    2. Dewey ❤

      Dewey ❤

      Yeah I don't usually get involved with the drama but why are you starting shit?

      He's banned, just leave it alone.


    3. Durandal


      He is so used to losing that he has to savor every """"""""""victory""""""""" can't blame him I would a loser too if I came out of me mother's womb looking like him.

    4. noobnz
  2. in honor of christmas

    imma use my new ddos machine

    and ddos kate and pres

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    2. Joey1029


      why? because erik is someone that even do that dxxx joke and still shouldn't be banned ?

    3. noobnz


      LOL wtf did I just read xd

    4. Adolf Eichmann_GSD™

      Adolf Eichmann_GSD™

      Erik is gone it's over.

  3. yea bc ur mom bought u a $1k pc earlier this year
  4. I hope all of you spoiled little 12 year old fucks thanked the SHIT out of your parents for all the shit they got you holy crap.
  5. I got a new keyboard, cologne, and clothes that make me look richer than I truly am.
  6. This is truly a beautiful piece of literature. I have never in my days of living been more proud of you monkey. You are incredible.
  7. me too
  8. ty
  9. rip raiders chances at superbowl [*]
  10. good thinking my guy
  11. ur team is honestly pathetic. not only did u lose to a team who is complete and utter dogshit, but u ruined their 0-16 dream. how can ur team be that bad? how can u stand by such an awful team? u r allowed one bandwagon pass when ur given the shit end of the football stick, why dont u use it?

  12. will chat spam be considered harassment?
  13. ay this is a joke btw
  14. shiro is gone i am gone we ride together we die together peace boys it was fun while it lasted jokin