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  1. ive gaged you for this shit before and I gave you plenty of warning when I did it... it isnt just "niggers" 3 times its a full link of text that spams the whole box... I told you specifically we dont care if you say nigger just dont spam chat box and u continued to spam it so I gaged you myself... im sure this is no different but hey, i wasnt there
  2. i have low self esteem so i pick or retards i want to die like that logic song im a faggot opps i told 3 truths whatever...
  3. dont do that. just leave him banned. no need to go to personal attacks against him... he is clearly trolling /thread
  4. thank fucking god i dont have to live on this shithole anymore
  5. brah its a compliment! you are getting admins stripped just like plue did! you guys are KILLING it!
  6. "adolf keeps ddosing me" "adolf keeps ddosing me" adolf gets banned finally charm is the new Plue101 these young'ns are killing the game out here
  7. ahh we lose yet another player. Good job guys!
  8. 5 seconds to do the order? so these retards get to abuse the shitty rule even more? lmfao
  9. wow great job chode! Wrack up them wins pal! go get another and leave our forums! Go quickly before the shitters get bored of that game!
  10. @ItzDelta post a pic from ur phone or ur lying. also put a spoon in the picture
  11. 50 fucking dollars to this degenerate lmfao
  12. did u steal it? i see corsair but I wanna know what the name is!
  13. he is the pussy? when was the last time you asked a girl out to a real date? tbh just tell her... be confident little man! If she says no forget about her lol move on its not worth your time
  14. Brah u spam admin chat 2 much I like you plue but your admin abilities are diff fam ima say -1
  15. Great news! alrighty im off to bed catch you tomorrow pal!