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  1. can we just ban adolf then? kid is literally giving out IP's and DDos'ing people if this isnt enough proof i dont know what is. and to use the excuse "he didnt say ddos" that is just fucking retarded. Adolf has literally said many times "im immune" this kid is 15!?!?! HE IS SERVER LEAD? Charmander has been saying for DAYS that adolf is ddosing him and u fuckwits say "we dont have any proof" "we dont have any proof" just because you dont like charmander or just because you dont care. and for you two fuckwits apollos opinion has nothing to do with his strip. Lets be honest we have all been thinking this for a long time he was one of many to say it.
  2. PogChamp
  3. @Cailen
  4. if u start at 11 ur not going much further lol. $11/hr is good for like early 20's and teenagers but its not the best
  5. u say this all because of his voice? because he is annoying? your both retarded. he will grow up one day and u fuckwits will just be washed up fags like always ur trying to hard to be the "cool guy". your really the immature ones
  6. take points off for sticking his tongue out and his lips lmfao that shit is a skate park @noobnz @Dutch117 oh yeah and dutch nice body pillow
  7. not with that long ass fucking neck @Mo. deadass - if i remember what he looks like correctly
  8. you know what else is ass your comment to like ratio also I would like to add you clearly haven't learned your lesson. keep being a baby back bitch and u will actually get banned. I couldnt care less about your shitty opinions
  9. headset - SteelSeries Siberia v2 mouse - logitech g303 mousepad - SteelSeries XXL 35.43 x 15.75 keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB mx reds monitor - idk the shit laptop monitor 60hz or whatever the # is
  10. *very unlikely*
  11. he may work at a metal factory but he makes more money than you will ever make in ur life pal. spoiled little bitch go drive ur parents 40,000 dollar teslas, nice investments morons
  12. -1 this skid is washed up and thinks he is better than every1 else. u think im memeing but im not i feel like his admin skills will be lack luster after a while just how it was when he was captain or whatever the fuck he used to be the only reason he will be accepted is bc he has friends on the community but then again what is my opinion worth at the end of the day. anyhow, if he does get admin i hope he is a good at his job
  13. Clearly your "englieh NO good" with this sentence "there is a piece of shit on the floor, do you need to eat it to show us we should clean it up before people step on it?" You cant speak proper english nor can you make a sentence that makes sense go back to handing out 1 minute mutes pal
  14. who r u again? this is serious