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  1. yeah but you guys have to make 47 ssa's to make players stay on your servers
  2. I didnt realize you are a legend at copy pasting. you cant think of anything original so you just steal peoples memes because youre not funny.
  3. wait are you retarded? his post actually made sense... its not discriminating its trying to make the server more populated. youre actually fucking brain dead. i know your tiny fucking brain doesnt work very well but cmon dude. and some1 told me you called LG "copy cat gaming"
  4. no shit but he is asking for a change not what the current state is. he wants models without being private and he doesnt want to pay for VIP. he is just asking
  5. this shit was all over my recommended too... its garbage
  6. you think the attitude from the forums doesnt spread to the servers? it comes from admins - ex. they want to take a break from the servers(and or forums) and it has became a job to follow in stead of a hobby
  7. yeah good luck bud. i still havnt decided to go full retard or kinda stay in the middle. i still doubt the server will become better as long as kate is still around and pres is still sucking her ass and if voicing my opinion (^ here) is "harassment" then we are in some dark days
  8. you play on ttt so we already know the answer.
  9. but everyone can do it... and for the record dick head i haven't prehopped a singe map. then again ive only played like 3 map total
  10. please stop bullying me.
  11. can u stop ngr
  12. bunch of bullies and sjw's dont mix (i didnt read the post i just read the title so if this doesnt make sense o whale)
  13. well said
  14. it depends if the dude has 60 hp u want green if he has 51 u want blue. but i doubt this is serious
  15. youre also a faggot