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  1. @HueySherman how was Shiro a terrible person? Just because he denied your admin apps?
  2. Who cares if they are being fair. I use to think this was a good system, but in the end patches owns the server. He can do whatever he wants to do, regardless if its making his roots immune or making plue root. He can do it whether we like it or not. So just play quietly and if you get abused, just leave. There is no way for them to abuse you if you don't play on their servers. You could change your IP afterwards just to avoid being ddos'd.
  3. You're 22 years old? You're acting like a child. Don't be pullin bullshit outta your ass m8
  4. Ya'll are so fucking nasty. Whats with the shitty NSFW? Your google search history is gonna show "Mr.Krabs naked" if an investigation ever arises. In @Carteeeer's case, his mother would see it when hes not home, and will most likely put him up for adoption. Can we stop with that nasty shit?
  5. nigga i am too. pull the dick out of your ass, you aint special :)
  6. yupp
  7. why did you stop at two months. shoulda aimed for longer.
  8. @JUSTDOIT if he isn't already. That kid was worse than charmyander's screaming and Plue's questions combined.
  9. I dislike gays. I hate how they sabotaged the rainbow sequence to represent their pride. They can go fuck themselves, especially since they think they are brave if they come out of the closet. But I won't force my ideals on you bud, I respect that you have your own mindset and that you don't conform to others' ideals. Still a sinner tho
  10. c;
  11. Can't deny their contributions while they were here. They were good admins.
  12. @Toasty @August @Shiro @darkness
  13. @JGamby could pick up chicks ain't gonna lie and @ballsandwieners now that hes a muscular cop :)
  14. Okay :(
  15. Aren't ddos threats $20 for bail