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  1. unban this man
  2. this jew right here did a lot for the community in its darkest time hes not the player we need hes the player we deserve
  3. vroom vroom my friend
  4. +1 hes a big guy
  5. lol pulling logs for a slay. stay mad
  6. ban this faggot
  7. mfw fags talk about this that dont even read comics... besides the one above all and the living tribunal. top 3 are Franklin Richards Cyttorak beyonder
  8. see ya kid
  9. im not gay but $20 is $20
  10. >2017 >not playing on private vanilla club penguin servers
  11. that is not a sustainable way of doing things look for a better job. you can also give plasma at blood centers for 20$ and can give up to 3 times a week
  12. should be able to handle your weight
  13. @Kate @Ninjadude @hy0n @2Cold2Hold want to make a team? :D
  14. that prize,more like welfare warz am i rite guys jk
  15. idk if i can even play this but chondos team already won just gib them the cash boss