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  1. annoyed that everyone was talking over each other and blowing into their mics. This will be my response for both admin abuses : when i joined, I instantly came to people mic spamming a phrase "this is your last warning" to plue that obviously rustled his jimmies with an addition to people constantly picking on him. This scenario is as similar to events leading up to a school shooting. one kid gets bullied by a group of kids, victim gets put to the edge then whips out daddy's glock on the whole class. Glad plue didnt do !ban @all. das all. Think people gotta chill on plue, seems to get way too much hate for no reason.
  2. +1 for vet or advisor
  3. update for anyone who cares: Surgery went well for my finger and now attending physical therapy. Lost my phone the other day so life is still good :^) currently kms mood. hope everyone is doing good.

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      nice, so when can i schedule you to finger me?

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    4. I Am Lucifer

      I Am Lucifer

      i appreciate it boys xD ill be on soon and hopefully someone returns my phone. It has my drivers license attached to it so its bound to come back to me unless I get unlucky. Fingering seshes start asap when im back ;^) .

  4. ur the prodigy of oneyng
  5. xD its a classic bb
  6. 'Group' type: [X] Single [X] Duo [] Group [] Song you will be singing (Name, Artist & paste URL too): Fix You - Coldplay
  7. kys... lmao xd but to everyone, I really appreciate it. I'll get thru it no prob but just bummed on how the situation went with the doctors. i really do hope the recommendation gets in on time otherwise im kinda screwed lul.
  8. Hey ladies and gents, So I started this spring semester off great while taking up to 16 credits and mainly focusing on school these past couple of weeks. Although this past week hasn't been the kindest. First it started last week, on Friday, when my oldest brother decided to roughhouse me and kicked my hand, while holding my vape, and completely broke my 120$ mod. He offered to buy me a completely new mod but when I was at the finalizing payment section on the website, he told me hes broke atm and I ended up having to drop the 120$. Its whatever but fast forward to the following Tuesday. It was nice outside and I decided to go out on my longboard at 9pm. On the way home, literally two blocks away, my board decided to fuck me over on a curb and went airborne completely breaking my right pinky, right pisiform in my wrist, and my right radius located in the forearm. Went straight into the E.R. and took a total of 4 hours to get a temp cast and a recommendation for a hand surgeon. So the following day I had to call the office of the hand surgeon to schedule an appointment and was informed that the only way to make an appointment is to get a recommendation from my primary doctor. I followed their instructions on how to do so and my primary doctor said it might take a while for this recommendation to follow through. Frustrated already, I called back to the hand surgeons office and told them what is going to happen and the lady told me that she could schedule me an appointment on Monday, but if I dont have a recommendation, then I can not be admitted unless I pay for it myself. So today is Friday, I'm high off painkillers, arm is still in a broken, literally can not do anything. Just a little vent rant. Tl;dr : lifes gonna b shit for a couple weeks, and am crippled. Thanks for reading if ya did. Cant be on servers or play anything cause of busted right hand so if anything ill cya'll around ^^
  9. me pls wivet
  10. @noobnz is it too late to get subs? Milo can't make it tomorrow due to work.
  11. told xray if my team doesnt reply by tonight im done. Only one so far is pepe so... @Cubin @Suicidal @Milo Roth got until tonight to lmk.
  12. w/e ur set and ready. give me a couple days and times you feel that are good and ill run it by my team.
  13. sounds good ill run it to my team. either saturday night or a specific time on sunday. just lmk