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  1. The real death of this community was clearly Zeezo and the fact a faggot from New Zealand was made root.
  2. I respect what you said.
  3. -1 Chondo and Pres are right. You're a salty fag. Darkness was right, your name should be Autist not August.
  4. Hahahahaha August, Retired Staff? Nice meme.
  5. The real reason is because I stopped making monthly polls.
  6. Yellow Templar is a real one. ?
  7. I assume DDoSing @wegotcleankicks & @Dela | Veux is acceptable on this day. Right?
  8. Slim thicc wit yo cute ass.

    1. Durandal


      kitty come back i find Asian girls attractive now... I love you! 

    2. Hype666
  9. Summer 2k17 fag reporting for duty.
  10. This application is the real downfall of SlayersGaming. +2
  11. Hi

    I hate @Zeezo Libcuck and @noobnz fucking kiwi fag. Hi.
  12. Ory is unbanned today so prepare for ass rape 

  13. #Freeourniggaory

    Unban Ory rn that can be my late Christmas present

    1. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      he literally is unbanned in 2 days dumbfuck 

    2. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy