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  1. Slim thicc wit yo cute ass.

    1. Durandal


      kitty come back i find Asian girls attractive now... I love you! 

    2. Hype666
  2. Summer 2k17 fag reporting for duty.
  3. This application is the real downfall of SlayersGaming. +2
  4. Hi

    I hate @Zeezo Libcuck and @noobnz fucking kiwi fag. Hi.
  5. Ory is unbanned today so prepare for ass rape 

  6. #Freeourniggaory

    Unban Ory rn that can be my late Christmas present

    1. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      he literally is unbanned in 2 days dumbfuck 

    2. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy
  7. @Laurence @Shiro @August
  8. He's joined the dark side.
  9. You can't enforce this, anyone can pay for Paid Admin. If they abuse their power, report it. They get stripped and lose what they paid for, simple as that.
  10. Why wouldn't he? Masturbation is sin to Allah.
  11. i cant say hi in shoutbox


    hi laurence

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    2. madman


      sounds like a plan

    3. Tinkles


      Obligatory shitty meme that corrupts shoutbox. 

    4. Rage*


      naughty smh why dont you have me added on snapchat


  12. It's okay. You did a good job and you were appreciated.