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  1. Gambino make me one with a skeleton and make the colors black and white or change it up if you want to make it look really good.

  2. I could listen to this for hours

    1. Brando


      a single song for hours? no thnx


    2. Ballistic Bacon

      Ballistic Bacon

      I'M SO ALONE


      I'M SO ALONE


  3. I dont understand why pepe gets so much hate. Its a draft. A DRAFT. He was asking for some help and all he gets are little whining kids saying to hall of shame. I see nothing in wanting help on an application. Honestly you guys need to get a life
  4. Give me all your likes and ill give you a cookie no scam hee hee xd


  5. You know what I hate? - warning HUGE RANT I hate being forced into something. I hate being forced into social situations. I hate being told what a good time I will have if I go. I just hate it. And that is why I am pouting... I have just been ordered to go to the Holiday party at Ye Olde. " Just sashay in and give out some air kisses." Ugh. These are some of the most un natural events known to man. I dont want to be friends with most of the people at Ye Olde. I'll be nice and I'll be friendly - but can I at least have my evenings free? If I want to be your friend, you'll know it... we wont have to bond at a freeking Christmas party!!!!!! I hate it hate it hate it. I hate being asked if I am going to sing karaoke ( HELL NO I AM NOT GOING TO SING FOR YOU DRUNK JERKS). Can't you just give me a 20.00 gift card instead? It would be a much merrier occasion for me. For those of you who dont know, I have a pretty serious social anxiety issue. I will have to take medication to go to this event. I will now spend the next four hours stewing about it and trying not to be mean to lovely people who just want me to have a good time. I will also try really hard not to be bitter and angry towards the person who started this internal rant. I know that I am his prized pig and he wants to show me off. It makes him look better if I am at this party shucking and jiving - it shows how happy his part of the farm is if the big pig squeals at the Christmas party. Well sooooueee and F*&^ you. Hope I dont crash my car on the way home after being hopped up on Xanax to get through a freeking holiday party. oink.
  6. Im neutral on this. I understand for one that harassment is not allowed to a certain extent but like its one sentence you should at least ask him to take it down. Idk about the harassment rule enough to know that he should be banned because its not on a slayers platform. Also warden i think you need evidence of this actually being ferguson
  7. Console spam is still ongoing in JB

    1. Ferguson


      Happened earlier in TTT as well.  Whatever map was before Hoodrat just now

    2. President Evil

      President Evil

      any console spam left is from maps now

  8. LOL @noobnz Gambino is GNM as well hes not gn2 Find a way to confirm ranks through screenshots or something
  9. @ScarletTarget Id love to join
  10. You have a full team
  11. Xrayxander-GN2
  12. @DeweyI Showed up this morning on jailbreak and he was doing the same thing.
  13. Yea Mr. Kenny has been stripped before and done some things wrong. But prince doesnt have a mic! So no point in joining ct!
  14. How long did you play with the 20-30 fps? Usually when i alt tab for a amount of time itll take a bit to load the frames back up. Idk if anyone else is experiencing this.
  15. My mom came home and asked why i was crying ;-;