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  1. https://www.lds.org/?lang=eng Ah yes guud mem
  2. He didnt pay bail lol. +1 he got banned for defense ddos threat, he was a good admin before that.
  3. @Sylencez
  4. Im neutral. Never guud you do have a lot of bad history but I personally have seen you improve a lot over the course of your perma bans. Try again next month but on a different server or at least try to prove you know the rules of JailBreak.
  5. Still inmature since you obviously cant take the +1's and the -1's
  6. -1 this kid has gotten so many chances to prove hes not a rule breaker... How can we trust him any more? You just payed bail as well. If you were to apply get some more hours and prove you can actually listen
  7. Ik that.... Thats why im saying give proto a chance like crocker got one
  8. Hes kidding... How is this a meme exactly?
  9. +1 give him a chance like laurence gave crocker
  10. I need help to get a budget desktop thats actually good for csgo and possibly other fps games like OW and rainbow. My budget is 650$, I would prefer NVIDIA. Please take this thread seriously as this is something I need. I will be able to build it myself with my dad but it would be better if pre-built.
  11. +1 Huey has improved a lot over the months and I think hes finally ready for it. Hours wont be an issue for Huey, the servers have been weird this month.
  12. +1 Loki was good admin
  13. hmu my guy
  14. Feels bad man