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  1. +1 this guy is on trade all the time and honestly hes a perfect fit
  2. can you make it so the secret with the negev is a little easier to get in?? Some rounds its easy to get it and others you just cant do it
  3. End of seasoning 3? On to Spice 4
  4. I had gotten csgo a while back in february of 2015 and so ive just grown attached to everyone here and only the old people will know the true Lispy larry
  5. im your biggest fan
  6. Looks like lucio and winston had a baby together
  7. Welcome to the club.
  8. I wanna see you pull the winner on stream so there are no favorites
  9. you need more player slots and it has to be active. Not worth with our current population
  10. meme game i dont think anybody really cared that much
  11. Im not stupid. Theres a reason theres a marketplace section on the forums too
  12. Im looking for an m4a4. Its just what I prefer. .28 float but still looks really good. Price on steam analyst is 23.85. Im looking for a covert m4a4 ft, mw, or fn, And i want a stat trak If you want to make an offer here is my trade offer link. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=301065620&token=EET84btw Edit: I will also trade for St ak47 classified around 24$ ft+ or an ak47 case hardened
  13. ill trade this for some minecraft money