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  1. This is why you dont give people stuff when they still live in their parents attic
  2. Can I join Girl scouts now and sell cookies instead of camping?
  3. Go back to Royalty gaming
  4. If its dead then why keep coming back and making these dumb posts? Literal retard
  5. Get pubg or save for destiny 2
  6. Denied, You may reapply next month.
  7. I respect what you said
  8. I respect what you said
  9. Thats why you left Rhg To come back to this place
  10. It died because of rats like me and @Cheese
  11. It wouldnt cost 500$ to repair a screen but i get what you are saying. The only thing that I dont remember them talking about was battery life. Battery life and the camera are the only 2 things that i care about on the phone.
  12. im just gonna stop, no point in arguing here...
  13. Seriously you really wanna post my facebook and crap on a youtube channel? You really must hate yourself to go to this kind of stuff to bring other people to your level
  14. If you dont have anything to contribute then dont even talk, rat. I guess we just have to trust the roots in their decisions whether we like it or not.
  15. Golf it up because no one plays golf so you automatically make it