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  1. if he doest get vet why doesnt goldberg get vet ??????????
  2. gib me rn
  3. tf has this thread turned into
  4. What ranks were you before season 4? Also, what rank do you have now? (If you got boosted don't put your boosted rank, put your actual rank porfavor). Season 3: Low Platinum Season 4: Low Gold (But quickly made it up to platinum lolz)
  5. gaming duh
  6. lol breaking the deweys donation drive chain
  7. It's supposed to mean you have a mohawk... Also, I asked around and all of the roots I asked said it was ok to have a secondary account smh. (End the flame war)
  8. nice haircut tony hawk (P.S. ur appearance fits ur personality)
  9. bye guardian (post five hundo)
  10. Promotions: Pepe -> Senior Staff Dewey -> Member Cailen -> Nuisance Demotions: (1/2009)
  11. Time to shitpost my way to 500. 2 more to go.

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    2. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      do you feel proud doing that?

    3. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      I mean if I get the ability to put kill me in arabic above my picture fuck yea its worth

    4. Jake.



  12. It still acts as an act of rebelling but most wardens are chill and won't kill the T. Even if they do they might not kill them because they got a good chuckle out of it.
  13. cailen buy me golf wit ur friends so i can get the 10$ and give it back to you good deal :^)
  14. is that a threat ;o