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  1. I had admin for 2 months and i didnt even get an abuse report :^) He might be a good admin or he might be a lost cause :^(
  2. since he keeps getting his bail paid or gambled upon like in a coin flip, I say he will have a sugar daddy in a few years (~3-5 years) oh wait he already has one
  3. People who vote no are crybabies for dying because of it kek
  4. Snickers Twix and Mike and Ikes
  5. Shhhhhhhh
  6. im 14 though Take a shot every time watcha is hypocritical
  7. Take a shot every time cum makes fun of someone that is irrelevant to the conversation...
  8. Tygoodman
  9. While you have a selfie as your avatar NI🅱️🅱️A
  10. Calling my memory damaged while your the one who can't fucking remember it boy...
  11. @Carteeeer The first 3 days he was promoted to private I joined jailbreak and I hear him screaming like a crying baby at a dude saying "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE US 3 SECONDS RETARD", at that I lost faith in all of humanity.
  12. I feel like you have been too getting puss to remember him ;(
  13. Bill I dont play csgo anymore anytime
  14. @Cailen round 2 nibba