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  1. since when the fuck were u vet wutttt
  2. @Cailen @Cubin @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy
  3. Kaz has recieved the prize do whatever the fuck you want with this thread roots <3
  4. Doing the rolling now will edit the post with the winner Winner was @Kaz ^v^ Message me on steam when you're available. Will tell you the steam code. Better luck next time to those who lost :)
  5. Pretty sure we warn them first then kick then ban. Not sure though.
  6. Make it a hub! W/ multiple gamemodes and it will solve all of your problems and also may bring more peeps
  7. Dont use this as an argument thread porfavor & bump so everyone has a chance if they want it.
  8. I had the same problem. I'm faintly remember it but you can try quoting things or mess around with the font and text editor features. I mean that in the posts there are features above the text box to make your text fancy. Mess around with that
  9. Holy shit its you I remember u 


  10. Read the title. How to Enter Reply to this post. Doesn't matter what you post just reply to this topic. The people who reply to this topic will be put into a randomizer and whoever is selected gets the giftcard. Deadline The deadline will be 11:59 PM EST (February 20th) and The winner will be drawn at February 21st (Tuesday). To redeem your prize you will need to add me on steam. Any other questions just reply to this post and I will answer it.
  11. So I have a few $ to spend and I want to buy a few not too expensive games. I'm looking for games that does not take a really good computer to run decent frames so nothing like For Honor etc. Any recommendations?
  12. Are you retarded hook 2.0 barely changed his hook if you can actually hit people IN MY OPINION
  13. What is ur battlenet id im play and i need someone who is good to play w/ besides cailen :<
  14. Hi

    Can you slap Cailen for me and call him an orange? :D Thanks! hi