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  1. +1 has more time as admin for slayers then some people who play here have lived on this planet :^)
  2. hi

  3. Hi

    he accepted my private app too but unlike you here i didnt do shit with it lol
  4. I can already sense the next person who will get bitched the fuck out of this community
  5. Hi dere
  6. I love charmy he is my boy, and this steam chat is the only real evidence I have seen about anything DDOS related in the past 2 weeks. Patches has made it clear that he is enforcing the DDOS/Dox threat rule a lot more strict now and hopefully these things get taken care of. This is the situation I was getting at when I said this btw.. If we can bring more evidence up like this the whole situation can be handled and it will all go away
  7. >The fact that the higher ups on ANY website have your ip is a fact you will have to get over >DDOS'ing is a very serious topic and it does need to be handled, but with so many accusations being made daily it is impossible to tell who is saying the truth. So in that case roots have to follow steps along with having sufficient evidence to make sure they aren't just banning people for no reason >The idolizing of plue is a meme.. >99% of the time roots are protecting you. It can get shady at times though which is what needs to handled, not just roots having ip's in general. >People need to stop accusing roots of doing this or that and actually bring evidence to the table. >I agree CS:GO is a game for mature audiences but that isn't the playerbase it has. If we wanted that playerbase this community would be 20x smaller and not nearly as fun I love ya Apollo but I had to get this out
  8. "Yes hello 911 is it possible to arrest a fruit? Because I am having problems with this one kiwi online.."
  9. Why not ask his dad
  10. wont we all?