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  1. Are you alive

    1. kush


      Can confirm I am alive. 

  2. Hours played on server you are server lead on: 7 cause I've been a nigger this month New map suggestions (include link): Just the ones we tried last month and weren't able to add Maps that need to be fixed (include details): N/A Maps that need to be removed (include a reason): N/A Admins that you recommend to be accepted: None that I've noticed. But I could be wrong since inactivity this month. Admins that you recommend to be stripped (provide a reason): Also, none that I've noticed How has the server been doing this month? (E.G. server population, new players, etc.): This month was quite slow for JB pop, mainly due to TTT being very populated. Also I think modes like these are dying quite rapidly. I would like to hear everyone who reads this take on the thought of getting rid of in cell orders. Delays rounds and makes the server repetitive and stale. Let me know what you think. Admin Report (E.G. admins are being nazi/admins are doing good, etc.): N/A
  3. Pretty sure he already made a ban appeal for this, but I'll explain why I perm ct banned him. We were all stacked up waiting on the order, psagdude claims he was shooting a rebel in the stack, but killed two others in the process. I didn't ban you perm because I thought it was an mfk. I perm banned you because you can't be on ct without fucking up. You can't not break rules every time you're on. Intentional or not. The fact that you had 70+ bans and weren't permed off ct before, is surprising to me.
  4. He just doesn't shut up, especially when the warden is talking. And for whatever reason, can't seem to control his voice.
  5. plue gets muted, makes a pointless thread, causes drama, gets banned hype pays bail, then it happens again. It's a never ending cycle
  6. no, not for no reason. you continue to be cancer. You just finished ur 150 mute from screaming the other day, and you are being cancer again. Everyone on the server at that time was getting triggered because you wouldn't stop. You're own fault dude. How many of these posts are you going to make before you finally understand..
  7. Doesn't get much more Mormon than this.
  8. @Zeezo @Patchennopoulos
  9. come on ts nigger
  10. csgo

    Sup bud
  11. Rabbit. That's what we used last night.
  12. Just wait for a root to decide.
  13. but he said that you were scripting....hmmmmm what a coincidence
  14. so your friend justin was scripting on your account, is what you're saying ?