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  1. gay

    >thread about LG >I post something saying there shouldnt be any animosity >censor the original posters identity, as it's irrelevant and they shouldnt be dragged into it >You press me for the identity >i say now >you find and post it anyways >accuse me of trying to start a fight you have 0 self awareness. lmao Let's play DbD when the game is fixed. right now all the killers at rank 1 are running bond and empathy, its unplayable.
  2. gay

    i knew you didn't need my help you've grown so much, proud of you :^)
  3. gay

    Lol never
  4. gay

  5. xjkgnwF.png


    That's rude and uncalled for tbh

    1. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      Lol y this now?

  6. @PresEvilSuxDix @President Butthurt @Presidentismad
  7. "Proud" is too strong a word. I think "unashamed" is better. Memes aside, can you guys stop sulking please?
  8. $_$

    1. AyLeMayo


      i havent forgot about you. just had to deal with some shit.


      ill get it to you tomorrow

    2. ASAP
  9. you had a long run tho
  10. yah. don't threaten and just do it.
  11. @Kinguin ^w^ #FreeSweg You're the poster child for birth control.
  12. @Flea__ ur weiner looks funny