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  1. no one remembers unnamed, and that is why he remains unnamed. on an unrelated note how the hell have you been newbie? (lol my forum account is almost a year older than yours )
  2. jajaja I'm back (sucks that i cant play any HG servers but fuck those guys)
  3. resaterize the layer after finishing the text to smooth edges.
  4. I didn't mean to offend, I'm just saying I wouldn't put to much stake into it. I can see it as a cool getaway sometimes from other games, but far and few in between actually becoming dedicated.
  5. minecraft is a fad, a dying one at that, just as so many before it.
  6. 1) a new face to our homepage, not only does it look unprofessional it scares away potential donaters this includes a new logo. 2) double (or more) rtv votes for vip members. 3) auto-sniper removed. 4) reserved player slots (don't need many* but it encourages people to donate to have that option). 5) rpg-weekly or bi-weekly reset. 6) active promotion of all current servers, possibly through a command similar to /servers in 1.6.
  7. I agree auto sniper should be removed, it hampers both the rpg and the mini-games server on specific levels.
  8. ive said it before, i'll say it again. make rpg mod daily or weekly, increase exp exponentially, this allows new players to play a new game every time they logon, and old players to change build and have fun everytime they log on.
  9. you're right about the tazers it was more of me getting frustrated over rampant use of /rtd, which needs to be either limited or removed.
  10. Scrapping the page, starting over. will update as I get it done.
  11. 1. You cannot use the tazer more than once every 10 seconds when rolling infinite ammo. 2. Limited use of choosing rtd through /rtd.
  12. I agree with everything but giving a warning, unless it's a rule someone couldn't possibly know about without having read our server specific rules, it's basically inviting people to break the rules.
  13. yes i was extremely drunk when posting this, however these are still good suggestions, if you dont find yourself bored with 24/7 rpg after level 100, you must be into tedious things, wiping the slate clean would allow for new players to get into the game and old ones to have alot more fun, but rpg mod does take a long time to get experience, (if you're not abusing the system). surf to surf/funmaps isn't really necessary since we already have a funmaps server now. classic zombie mod, do you even see a single one of these out there anymore? no, not to mention if we get some mappers doing it for free admin we could have our name out there on tons of servers, just try it out for a month, if no one wants to play that's fine nothing lost.
  14. Since i have been accepted as an admin i have focused much attention onto drawing new players and even as much as i hate doing so i must persist in request the following 1. reseting rpg every 24-48 houts, increasing rpg expereicne 50 fold, perhaps allowing players to keep 10% experience of each day to support continual plauabaility 2. changing 24/7 surf to surf/funmaps. 3.CLASSIC zombie mod, meaning smg/shottie layout only. with this we coild monopolize the market since most people are only interested in the zm points mod. 4. undecided/reserved.
  15. ABSOLUTELY NOT. unless you ban your brother from your account, because all I constantly see is racism and hate speech from you, ontop of mic/command spam.