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  1. Live reaction of me expecting to read good drama but instead reading posts from people trying to be funny and failing
  2. Hopefully you become a mime. You could start practicing today considering you're muted 3/4 of the time you're online playing something
  3. err squidward won against hawaiian pizza 16-9 @Zeezo
  4. nice photo shop
  5. If only we could get our match scheduled @Dycidz @illuminaughty
  6. Reason for Ban was for Not Responding to schedule Zeezo wars match, I was told the admin forgot to add it in
  7. Zeezo wanted it done this weekend really, could you guys use your alt?
  8. the blacklist
  9. Are we allowed to pick up another or is that a no?
  10. @themonkey @illuminaughty Anyone under 16, but that would be half of the community
  11. I guess that explains why you're handing out 1 min server mutes 24/7. I got you