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  1. There is nothing in the Ryzen lineup with 2C/4T. The lowest is the 4C/4T chips. As this point, no 2C/4T chips have been announced or hinted at. Not only that, but the G4620/6100 is $100, and a cheap B150 board and DDR4 can be found for $70-100. Ryzen's cheapest CPU has an MSRP of $129, on top of only high-end boards ($129+) being available at release (Only OEM partners have low-ended boards AFAIK) as well as needing in included DDR4 (Another $50). Ryzen is not the answer at this moment for budget-minded folks. Look, I love AMD and I really hope that Zen is something wonderful. But blind optimism is as bad as a market monopoly. You can't put blind trust in them, since there haven't been any independent reviews. Everything that hasn't been put under NDAs are reviewed and sponsored by AMD. Everything that isn't a leak out right now is stuff that AMD selectively chose to publish, just like how everything we knew about Pascal was also stuff they chose to publish before the NDA was lifted. The best solution is not ALWAYS one answer, the best solution is the one that fits the need of the customer. You're fanboying AMD the same way you tell people not to fanboy Nvidia. Also, basic economics here: Not everyone is going to buy Ryzen CPUs. Platforms require much more investment and capital to replace than GPUs (CPU + Board + Memory versus GPU). And not everyone is going to buy the high-end 1700X eight-core CPUs. And a staggering majority of users on Haswell and Skylake/Kaby Lake will not buy new AMD hardware. The demand in Intel CPUs in the short-term will stay the same, therefore prices are not going to fall significantly fast enough in your timeframe.
  2. Didn't you just say the IPC was lower than anticipated?? You keep going back and forth over Ryzen... There's no need to outperform yet.
  3. Have you ever used any sort of low end hardware???? An i3 is perfectly fine. Anywho, go for a Pentium G4620. It's identical to an i3-6100 for $100. Toss in a cheap B150 motherboard for another $40-$50.
  4. The single-threaded performance is still a huge upgrade in comparison, and can somewhat compete with Intel. Sure, Ryzen isn't a knockout punch, but it's setting up for a lot of great things. First off, they're betting on bigger development of DX12, which should allieviate some problems with multi-threaded workloads. Most AAA games nowadays can utilize four threads, so it's not as big an issue as you may think. They've also sunk quite a bit into Vulkan, most likely because they don't want Microsoft to be in the position to choose between Nvidia and AMD. Second, it forces Intel to do a bit more. One of their roadmaps show that not only are they planning on phasing out X99, but they're planning on releasing hexa-core and octa-core chips to the consumer Z3XX and Z4XX lineup of chips. Since the X58 days, you needed to buy the highest-ended (and expensive) hardware to get that many cores. AM4 forces Intel to bring their high end stuff to the mainstream market. Does it replace Skylake/Kaby Lake? No. Does it replace even Haswell? No. But it is in an excellent position for those on current AMD FX platforms, as well as those dwelling on Sandy/Ivy Bridge platforms. Also, ShadowPlay is a GPU specific feature AFAIK.
  5. dog. that is all.
  6. inb4 they're vac'd accounts
  7. Those aren't furries...those are abominations...
  8. It's "shepherd," you dingus. Saw a badge for a "Certified German Shepherd," and I was in need of a new online alias for being an internet dog. So I pretty much just took "Certified_GSD," to keep it short. Plus, the underscore to make it a little easier on the eyes to read.
  9. If they're shooting around someone, that's baiting. If some shithead keeps baiting as an innocent and causes innocents to kill them, the BAITER gets slayed. This game has guns. People will shoot. If someone is obviously shooting a tree and a shithead kills them because "HE WAS SHOOTING!!11!," it's pretty obvious who gets slayed here. H. Traitor Acts Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self defense. Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self defense. Declaring KOS order on an innocent. Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest. Actively blocking players with objects and explosive items. Actively preventing a player from entering or exiting an area by blocking the entryway. Actively tailing other players with explosive items. Hiding or moving traitor equipment (C4). Hiding bodies. Hiding a health station or disposing of one. Actively moving a health station away from people. Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified. Possessing a silenced weapon with or without the silencer attached. (USP-S or M4A1-S) Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense If someone does something on this list, they are KOS. Any other reason is a false KOS. It's not hard... However, Suspicion may be called for any reason. It, however, does not allow you to kill anyone.
  10. Pre-builts aren't always bad either. If you can get it cheaper than all the parts, then it's worth it. It's also good if the extra cost is worth the unneeded hassle and labor and assembly.
  11. Is that an endorsement?
  12. We collected this information and came to this conclusion after an hour of gameplay, starting with the map 67thway.
  13. LOL, Brando didn't shoot you, nor were you last guy. Brando was the last Traitor.
  14. It works better in their favor if one of them was a Traitor, since plebs can't see the "T" above traitors anymore. Anywho, merge this report with @zach1502's I guess.