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  1. Send whatever you want to pay to certified.gshep@gmail.com via PayPal :)
  2. I already used my Windows 10 key (It was for the Education Edition). I can send you a key for 8.1 Pro; a few months ago, you could activate Windows 10 with keys meant for 7/8.1.
  3. Hey all, I've got a key for a bunch of Microsoft programs through DreamSpark (it's MS Imagine now) and I won't ever use any of it. I've also got a Windows 8.1 Pro key, and maybe a Windows 7 Pro key, as well as stuff like SQL, Vizio, XNA, and all the server OSes. Just Google "Microsoft Imagine" and look for the software catalog. If you're interested in it, I can get it to you free. Maybe. If I don't like you, I'll charge you in skins or something. I only get one key of each, so first come first serve.
  4. Is that what happened to Dark? What a shithead, if he abused before he 86'd.
  5. I actually play a combination of CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 3, Dirt 3, and a tiny bit of Titanfall 2 and GTAV. I just don't get the same satisfaction anymore from CS:GO.
  6. I'll hop on whenever I want to chill, but I'd rather step down now than get stripped later on a bad note. Plus, I never get Traitor anyway. Not too many people from our time. Oh well. Try not to think of "Us" and "Them," 'cause that kinda makes things worse. Unless it's Pepe. Or some other irresponsible admin. ABCya Didn't get to know you much. We'll see. :( Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I was thinking about stepping down a few months ago. I'm graduating and heading to college in a few months, and I really need to lay off the video games for now. When I do have free time, I don't have an hour for TTT, I only have twenty minutes for R6 or Battlefield. I'll miss you mustached-top hat-wearing minty-fresh abusive root :) HEY I put good effort in those essays! Eh, probably. You still have @Tinkles. I'll stop in every so often, I just won't be responsible for much. It's MISTER GHOSTBUSTER to you. I think Adolf gets the title next. Cya man Still can't believe Durandal got to be so high up after all the shit he caused with map exploits and RDM passes. Anyone else would've been perma-banned. Am, and will always be. At least I had to courtesy of not showing yiff pics or "RP'ing" ugh Who? ZEEZO ILY ILY. The Secret Scar on the Minecraft map is in the lava in nether, on the tiny netherack island near the shed. Eh, maybe I'll reapply in summer when I have more time. Maybe. College ain't gonna pay itself :/
  7. Hey all, Certified here. Just dropping by to put in my resignation as admin. It's been a great two years, but personally, I've played CS:GO to death and there just isn't any entertainment to be had anymore. Thanks for all the fun everyone. I won't say all the cliche stuff. I'll try to check-in on forums every so often.
  8. Cya xray. Had some good times, just drop by TTT whenever.
  9. Jailbreak is supposed to be fun. The reason why "May" is in there is because they're supposed to be interpreted loosely, based purely on the situation at hand. As each round can play out differently, it'd be far too much to type out each specific instance. If someone doesn't want to follow the Warden's orders, he can declare KOS on them. Or not.
  10. I mean, you shouldn't be pressing buttons, but typically Ts can't really activate anything unless they're being told to. Which isn't KOS. Also, ^^
  11. Mostly because I don't believe you're ready for the responsibility. Plus, I don't really know you as well as I would like for an SSA on TTT. Paidmins kinda get a choice whether they want to do something or not. Once you go SSA, you're obligated to "admin" during high times and can't always have fun. (For example, if the server has 20+ players, I typically KMS every round unless I'm the Traitor so that I can spectate players and monitor possible ghosters or RDMers) I would advise you branch out a bit more to other servers (but stay on TTT most) and on forums so we the community can get to know you better. Apply next month. (Although I will say, if both Dutch and **Avi say yes, it must mean something???)
  12. No.
  13. No.
  14. There is nothing in the Ryzen lineup with 2C/4T. The lowest is the 4C/4T chips. As this point, no 2C/4T chips have been announced or hinted at. Not only that, but the G4620/6100 is $100, and a cheap B150 board and DDR4 can be found for $70-100. Ryzen's cheapest CPU has an MSRP of $129, on top of only high-end boards ($129+) being available at release (Only OEM partners have low-ended boards AFAIK) as well as needing in included DDR4 (Another $50). Ryzen is not the answer at this moment for budget-minded folks. Look, I love AMD and I really hope that Zen is something wonderful. But blind optimism is as bad as a market monopoly. You can't put blind trust in them, since there haven't been any independent reviews. Everything that hasn't been put under NDAs are reviewed and sponsored by AMD. Everything that isn't a leak out right now is stuff that AMD selectively chose to publish, just like how everything we knew about Pascal was also stuff they chose to publish before the NDA was lifted. The best solution is not ALWAYS one answer, the best solution is the one that fits the need of the customer. You're fanboying AMD the same way you tell people not to fanboy Nvidia. Also, basic economics here: Not everyone is going to buy Ryzen CPUs. Platforms require much more investment and capital to replace than GPUs (CPU + Board + Memory versus GPU). And not everyone is going to buy the high-end 1700X eight-core CPUs. And a staggering majority of users on Haswell and Skylake/Kaby Lake will not buy new AMD hardware. The demand in Intel CPUs in the short-term will stay the same, therefore prices are not going to fall significantly fast enough in your timeframe.
  15. Didn't you just say the IPC was lower than anticipated?? You keep going back and forth over Ryzen... There's no need to outperform yet.