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  1. Yesterday on teenroom, there were some people awfully suspicious. @kush was present, as well as @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ and @Brando. It was him (CrazyReturns) and "yenno+" Any time one or the other died, they would call a KOS on where a Traitor was attacking from. For example, if Bob was sniping in the top vents near the AWP, Crazy would say "I think there's a KOS on Bob" or "KOS the vents." Crazy also RDM'd a Traitor after yenno+ was in spectator, and promptly 86'd it out.
  2. This is not a new idea, and it used to be this way (Silenced Weapons were not KOS). It was a mess, especially considering AWS would turn M4A4s and P2Ks into M4A1s and USPs, respectively. Traitors would just take off the silencer, say they're innocent, then put it back on and wreck havoc. Innocents would bitch when they got "RDM'd" and Traitors would bitch when they got caught with the Silencer on (There's no way he saw me with it on!!!11!1) Then it's his words vs. their words, mic spam and crying. How to solve? ALL Silenced Weapons, silencer or not, are KOS. Let's not reinvent the wheel guys.
  3. If you kill an Innocent or Detective, you're always KOS no matter what weapon was used. If I have an AK or an AWP, I'm not Suspicious. But if I have an M4A1, I'm Suspicious? Why is the M4A1 suspicious? Because: It is a quiet weapon, in comparison to many others and cannot be easily heard. It can only be bought by Traitors. It is statistically at a disadvantage over many other weapons. Is KOS as per TTT Rules. It can only be bought by Traitors. It is meant to kill silently. It is statistically worse than other rifles. Why should we allow it to be used by Innocents when it is not a weapon tailored for them, but for those trying to kill them???
  4. I wouldn't say pG are in their right minds, considering their admins don't admin for ALL players and they used to plan community attacks against us. Right next to HG. (Are GFL still up?) Here's the thing. If you're Innocent: Why do you need a weapon that is quiet? Why do you need a weapon that is only technically obtainable by Traitors? Why would you use a weapon with less ammunition than their counter-parts (M4A4/AK = 30 Rounds vs. 20, P250 = 13 Rounds vs. 12) Why do you need a weapon with such high first-shot accuracy that the AK can do much better (More Dmg, More Bullets, Not Silenced, More Abundant, More Armor Penetration)? Why take the risk of getting KOS'd? Why make it easier for Traitors to just say "Oh yeah, @erik :] tazed me and I'm proven so don't mind me carrying this M4A1." Having a silenced weapon means you're KOS. Period. H. Traitor Acts Possessing a silenced weapon with or without the silencer attached. (USP-S or M4A1-S)\ C. General Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion) Committing a Traitor Act makes you a traitor. A. Role Objectives Innocents: Stay alive and do your best to assist detectives in identifying traitors and killing them. Detectives: Identify and kill all the traitors before the timer runs out or protect at least one innocent until the timer runs out. G. Random Death Match (RDM) (Punishment - Admin discretion) (Not RDM) Killing a player that is committing a Traitor Act.
  5. You almost can't see someone buy it. One second it's not there, the next it is. Why not also have it be KOS if you have an M4A4 since you obviously killed a detective to get it. Simple logic would imply that all silenced weapons are KOS, therefore: if (player has silenced weapon), then (player is KOS), else (player is not KOS) That's logic. Actually, it's pretty BASIC. This isn't Garry's Mod. In Garry's Mod, not everyone has access to tasers.
  6. There's a fundamental problem here. It's like saying: 2 + 2 = 4, 2 + 2 = 86 Silenced Weapons = Traitor, Silenced Weapons = Innocent
  7. Would I meant to say was make sm_logs something only for Admins to use during the round, but have it pushed out to all clients at the end of the round. Last I checked, nobody can see the "T" for Traitor in spectator, so all a Ghoster knows is the one who killed him. But sm_logs can be used to see all the Traitors doing damage when it still is useful information.
  8. Is sm_logs something that can be made for admins only as well? I know it's triggered at the end of the round for all players. But thanks Pres, that's extremely helpful and should at least make it more difficult.
  9. A would most definitely say the jump from a 1060 to a 1070 is worth it, but a 1070 to 1080 is not so.
  10. This is what I suggested last year. It won't work on Private Profiles, but as long as one of the shitheads has a public page, it should still work since you'll be able to check the friends list that way. This does introduce the problem that smart shitheads will all set their profiles to Private, making it a little more work at figuring out who suddenly gets way to good at the game when one of the private players die. I think Admin Panel lets you check for previous bans, and one can look up a SteamID on SourceMod to check it for history. You can use !pslaynr to check pending slays (It checks all players).
  11. Bought Titanfall 2. Won't be seeing you guys for the next few days.
  12. ok.
  13. should've posted a yiff pic
  14. CG sounds like such a boring acronym -_-
  15. dog. That is all.