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  1. When did everything go so wrong? 😩

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Shiro
    3. noobnz


      i had ribs for dinner

    4. Durandal


      Is there a way to go back in time? and alter the time stream? 

  2. Here we go the village dog fucker has arrived.
  3. Hahhahha hahaha
  4. Prez is right. Everyone knew adolf was doing it. Hell even my mom knew. Too little too late. How do we know this situation will never happen again?
  5. darkness told me he was memin and how he would never develop anything for this shit hole.
  6. some fucking loser pretending to be anything more than a piece of shit.
  7. C L A S S I F I E D P I E CE O F S H I T
  8. Your friend Dewey is a piece of shit He is never coming back
  9. He showed keng how to IP grab via links. Hard to prove but his actions since accused show admittance of guilt.
  10. I was memin about ilum Keng told me, when monkey was confronted he didn't deny it and instead deleted almost everyone off his friends list. Idk if I was ino I wouldn't just sit there and take accusations like that.
  11. Illum did more for the people of this community than most of the people posting in this thread. Also monkey is snatching ips and giving to Adolf. Ah yes
  12. The king of retards
  13. hi

    remember that time i saw u on siege?
  14. hi