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  1. Stance: No Support (-1) No, just no. I know how you act on JB when I'm Divine Frostwater.
  2. Stance: not putting one. (basically neutral if you say so, but I'm not putting one.) Reason: It has been a long road. I really hope TTT gets some old school life since many of the oldies left for real life or some reason. But, I think you are capable of handling it. Even though drama hit the door elsewhere...
  3. Stance: -1 (No Support) Sometimes spams music without warden permission. Age is also much lower then standard Jailbreak admin age.
  4. Stance: Mostly Support (+0.75) Need more hours. Even though I didn't try this month either. You are pretty cool though. Come on.
  5. Stance: +2 (Full Support) look, I like you as a whole, but promise me not to fly off the deep end with what you did before, ok? (even though I was fucking retarded in my past too)
  6. Stance: +1 (Support) shit man, come back ok? we need good people...
  7. Stance: +1 (Support) but I do not like how you made me get a competitive matchmaking ban for a forfeit in SG wars
  8. Stance: +1 (support) what Pres said explains it solid
  9. Stance: Neutral (0) you might want to not be too obscure with your talking, just saying overall knowledgeable with JB but also young
  10. Stance: -1 (No Support) sorry, too toxic and also allows people to get away with idiotic ct rounds

    yeah you understood that right

  12. this guy has no originality
  13. welcome
  14. damnit
  15. @neT - actually taking effort to doing SG wars even though the final match was a forfeit