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  1. so true
  2. Grammar is a core aspect to keeping people knowing you are serious about admining, right?
  3. Thanks for the response. I don't know why TS does that to my client, but alright.
  4. i know that, but this is a notice for that the server config needs to be updated for those using the version I'm using
  5. @President Evil Any way you (or the server) can update this to remove this error code? My teamspeak version is as of now (autoupdate ftw)
  6. It just depends on who the Warden is, but ironically enough whenever I type in T chat (not admin chat) to rebel, then mostly you know why we do that... but on CT everyone kills me back ... i guess there isn't much to say but people need to respect everyone equally
  7. Through an inactive period doesn't stop me from inspiring:


    Welcome to the future of Warden's Challenges.



  8. that must have sucked but heck, being famous is awesome right?
  9. Hi everyone, Warden's challenge has been put on hold, it may return in a few months Thank you and I'm sorry if you were looking forward to one of these skins. I'm sure you will see better things come around Easter. Warden's Challenge will return at some other time. Thanks, Warden
  10. This event was a partial success. I had to leave at the end due to some unneeded reasons. Anyways, maybe I might consider doing another one once they release more maps for that game. Thanks to @Cailen @Dewey Patches for keeping up the hype despite me leaving mid-way through Oasis.
  11. As of right now, unless something comes up, the Woods Night starts tonight at 7:30PM PST. The channel we will use will either be Dewey's or my own Teamspeak channel
  12. Golf With Your Friends Community Night currently scheduled for 7:30PM PST - 9:30PM PST (with Jackbox games at the end) for all four courses. Be there to have a friendly chat with everyone (and/or Rage at people.) @Dewey




    Are people too bored of certain wardens?


    Try one of my special rounds. They make you feel different!


  13. I used to do these once per map in TTT back in the day, but with Jailbreak getting new ones, it was time to bring this to light. * NOTE: This is just a suggestions guide. Do not constantly use commands to do these whenever you feel like it. Only use this guide if you are Private+, but rules are to use this once per map, just to avoid ruining the experience. MAKE SURE WHEN USING THESE IDEAS TO DO IT ONCE PER MAP, AND TAKE A PLAYER VOTE WHEN DOING THESE (Hint: sm_vote <question/mode> "Yes" "No" in console) Special Rounds Unlock more when the time is right... Or by completing certain challenges I issue Brawlhalla! Inspired from this game, a free-to-play title, called Brawlhalla. All T's and CT's are only allowed to use a knife the entire round (Hint: You could also use sm_melee <@t/@ct>) Rebeller's must be knifed always, and all failing T's must be knifed If a CT or T picks up a gun and uses the gun to kill someone, you are breaking the special round rules and will be slayed Sanic Speed Day Inspired from Sonic Adventure titles, this mode is nuts but exercise caution when doing certain map games! Set speed of all players to 1.5x or 2x (depending on the map) Treat this day as a regular day, meaning as a Warden use the normal commands when ordering T's to do stuff Hunt the F***ing Chicken This custom game involves hiding a chicken somewhere on the map. A Warden must declare this after a vote is taken An admin (whether CT or T) must spawn a chicken somewhere on the map It will be the goal of the T's to find the chicken and kill it The T who kills the chicken is pardoned from the next game You must do a map game after a hunt was completed to avoid wasting time in a round This also should be done when playing for LR (last 3 T's or so) No One Is Immune (To Rebelling) Inspired by this meme used in Teamspeak quite often... Set all CT's health to 200. (sm_health <@ct> 200) Set all T's health to 65. (sm_slap <@t> 35) Basically in this special round, T's will have a harder time to rebel. Use normal Warden rules in this special round (treat like a regular day) The Midas Touch Probably a dank meme, but I doubt it Set all T's money to $7,777 (sm_money <@t> 7777) Set all CT's speed to 1.5x or 2x (based on map) Use normal Warden rules in this special round Roll the Bones Were you playing CS 1.6 in your past with Roll The Dice? Well, here is our little twist on this Every 45 seconds into a round, a T can type in the word rtd in chat. The Same T cannot roll two times in a round and cannot roll when LR is won This will cause something positive or negative to happen To assist in determining certain skills, do this in website: http://www.random.org (This is if you wish to use your own method. I use wheel decide for my method. and I weigh negative at 2x more likely then positive) For random number generator: First Roll is First Number, put range 1-2 Second Roll is Second Number, put range 1-7 Positive Rolls Armor Up (Torb skill) - Increases your armor by 50. (Outcome: [1] [1]) Health Up (Mercy skill) - Increases your health by 50. (Outcome: [1] [2]) Red Lightning Rod - Increases your speed by 10%. (Outcome: [1] [3]) Fake Item - Win a fake item that isn't death (Outcome: [1] [4]) Equipment - Get a USP-S. (Outcome: [1] [5]) Dinked - Win a helmet. (Outcome: [1] [6]) Winner! - Gain $2,000. (+$2,000) (Outcome: [1] [7]) Negative Rolls Slap Disease - Get slapped for 5 damage every second for 7 seconds. (Outcome: [2] [1]) Stripped - Lose all your weapons, including your knife. (Outcome: [2] [2]) Gambler's Karma - Lose all your current money. (-$30,000) (Outcome: [2] [3]) A Wild Ride - You are forced to jump up. Then you are frozen in midair, and yes, you will die. (Outcome: [2] [4]) Death - You are slain on the spot and it is not considered a freekill because you gambled for it. (Outcome: [2] [5]) Buried Alive - You will be buried and you are subject to death from CT's if they find you and a Warden orders you to do a game. This lasts 15 seconds. (Outcome: [2] [6]) Shit Player - You are so dishonored that you shouldn't even be on the scoreboard. Lowers your current score by 200. (Hint: sm_score <target> -200) (Outcome: [2] [7]) Very Rare (admins should not use these two outcomes. They are very rare on the wheel) Freeday - Bypassing Warden rules (unless Warden chooses to revoke it) you get a freeday until you are down to 3 T's. Full Equipment - You will receive an AK-47 and a Glock-18. Want more special round ideas? Please let me know. Remember everyone, Jailbreak can be made great and fun again, even if the Wardens who take Warden are pure shit. Right? Unlock more Special Rounds in the future. Or, make suggestions in this thread.
  14. Looks good. I hope everyone can stay sane now... edit special rounds are a thing again? I'm looking forward to helping make JB the more unique server we are, even if we are only server with afk freeze