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  1. wtf is this, seriously?
  2. Stance: Support (+1) ================================================================================================== Cum on this app (sounds nasty) Good guy though. Play more!
  3. Stance: Support (+1) ================================================================================================== You coming back or not?
  4. Denied. Not following format. (well at the moment, -1 for no format)\ edit: lol 3 hours on JB this month too
  5. shut up.
  6. Stance: Slightly No Support (-0.33) ================================================================================================== Very nazi as a Warden on Jailbreak. Age is a small issue as well, but if we accepted 13 year olds, you better be good. Only have 14 hours this month. According to Crocker.
  7. why the fuck would I throw i just had a shitty season
  8. lol, this was such a bad season for me. Anyone else want to share?
  9. Stance: Support (+1) Neutral (0) ================================================================================================== Do not ask other people to +1 your app, that is desperation.
  10. You did leave without telling anyone and yes Zeezo suggested to ban you for 1 day. It was originally 40 minutes. Ironically, I was already logged into panel when he said to do it. Leave it to him. @Zeezo @Spaghetti Boi
  11. Stance: Neutral (0) ================================================================================================== Wait until next month. I feel like its too early now that you returned. edit: fix your app please lol, you just copy pasted one as a meme
  12. Stance: Neutral (0) ================================================================================================== Strong on hours, and has 3 servers with over 10 hours this month. (TTT, Trade, Jailbreak) Probably a good idea to reread the rules of JB and TTT. edit: probably shouldn't screw around with your mic if people are going to -1 you
  13. *mistake


    Overwatch Season 4 ends in 7 hours from this post, so 4:00PM PST/PDT.


    Get those final games on, before Season 5 starts June 1st.

    1. glockoma94


      People still play this game?

    2. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      yes people still play OW lol

  14. Stance: Support (+1) ================================================================================================== A solid person in Operation Hydra and Slayer's CS:GO servers. Definitely recommended.
  15. edit: top 3: 1) @Protocol 2) @RoyThePuppy 3) @yellow fish