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  1. The next video probably will come early March (at the latest) I'm aiming to complete this project by April 7th, 2017 I'm going to keep working during my off hours to focus on this. Remember the following: I'm off my chemotherapy, meaning no more medical stuff will interfere anymore. (note: however, on some cases, real life will interfere, so we'll see what happens. I'm going to aim for April 7th) I play Skyforge very actively in the morning (currently 36.3M prestige). [M = million] almost all days in the week during the morning hours (when I'm not awake to map or play CS:GO) In non-map days, I am working on trying to get to get to 100% Progress in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (I'm currently about 70% done) Also I play on Slayer's Gaming servers AT LEAST 1-2 hours a day, so I can keep up with the required 20+ hours a month commitment. What will be seen in Build 3 Video: Warday Arena #1 and Spawn Rooms Finished Armory Warday Arena #2 and Spawn Rooms Battleship (CT side) Battleship (T side) Start of the Marble Run courses (will not be ready until Build 4 video) The East side of the map (was just an orange block initially blocking the way) Cell blocks textured fully Start of the bunnyhop course Revamped Direction signs (removed Deathcrate from map layout, and changing the layout to my new map blueprint) How many builds left before the Beta Release? I'd say about 3 more builds. So, probably by Build 7, I'll release the map in BETA.
  2. @Cailen What do you think about what I did to the Battleship Minigame in this build? I think I like this more then the Build 2 signs personally
  3. uhh

    no your paidmen purchase like what kenny did
  4. uhh

    tell me you are telling the truth. i ain't wanting you to waste moneys like what happened lol
  5. because I grew a bond with several people when I first came in 2015 after stumbling on TTT then suddenly I like JB more because of the minigame aspect (I was told to try JB out in August 2015)
  6. The Wall's season finale is tonight, so...


    With that comes something I'll do:


    If they walk with the following brackets, I'll do some events when I get back (or additions to my upcoming Western Point Prison map)


    $0 - What a shame, right? (it has happened twice during the shows running)


    $1 - $249,999 - I'll do 2 Jackbox events for 2 of the Overwatch Tournament IV keys I was going to give away. This will occur sometime after 9:15PM PST.


    $250,000 - $499,999 - The two keys from above, as well as this addition to Western Point Prison:

    - Adds an extra leg to the Strafe Race and Slide Race map games as well as remade an upcoming room for Build #4


    $500,000+ - The two keys from above, the extra sections of Strafe Race, Slide Race, and the remade Build #4 upcoming room, as well as:


    - Adds a Warday Arena #4 to the map

    - Adds a cooperative map game to the map (Marble Run Cooperative)

    1. Warden Frostwater

      Warden Frostwater

      They ended with $120,000. (much better then $0)


      But the nice guy I am, I'll simply throw in the keys and the map extensions. Stay tuned for Build #3 coming end of this month.

  7. soldier 76 for sure.
  8. It's good to see you around - you also gave me my 1500th like :)

    1. Zeezo


      Nice. Glad I could help lol

  9. welcome. you are very talented in JB, I'll give you that
  10. It takes time for you to learn how to become decent at TTT, just try the following tips I have below: As an Innocent Do not stick together with other people as much as possible! These tend to have at least one Traitor hanging in that pile relaying information or using equipment to mass kill you! Do not just kill someone without proof! This is classed as RDM (Random Deathmatch) and you might get slayed for it If a Detective purchases a DNA scanner and identifies 2 or more bodies with the same killer name, you can kill that guy for it! As a Detective Purchase Kevlar + Helm to increase your survival. Do not drop a M4A4 in front of innocents (you get a M4A4 upon spawn if you are detective without a primary) Use your taser (provided at start of round) to confirm someone's stance As a Traitor To win a round, you must kill all innocents and detectives Try to avoid contact with other innocents when you murder them Prioritize killing people with mics first - typed innocents tend to not react as fast Try killing the better (more experienced) players first as a Traitor @Zeezo - with the new TTT plugin for Traitors to win they must kill all innocents and detectives now, just saying :)
  11. as it says, anyone as long as you are a slayers member can do these
  12. not when they are spammed, I see it on TTT rarely, but only when a bind is active
  13. CS:GO has people who when you bind certain keys, automatically changes your clan tag constantly when you press the key for example, you might see: < LEFT > RIGHT ^ UP v DOWN NIGGER etc. from a bunch of groups that are retarded
  14. The Overwatch Tournament IV flopped due to issues I have caused when setting up this event. The keys will be used for other uses. Welcome to: The Springwater Classic (2017) Rules / How-To: The Springwater Classic is formatted with Overwatch Brackets. Simply work with all Slayer's Gaming players and complete all of the following challenges to receive rewards! You will have until April 3rd, 2017 to complete all tiers Work with your Slayer's Gaming Members to receive all the tier rewards, which will be purchased and handed out in Early April, before Easter. Challenges must be in any order, however, to receive higher tier rewards, you must have completed all previous tiers. (Example: To get Platinum Tier Reward, you must complete Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers) Challenges WILL be held on all fields of gaming, including Slayer's Servers. If you DO NOT own the game listed, you could ask your friends to do them for the community, you know Will you all have what it takes? Bronze (Challenges 1-5) 1) CS:GO - Competitive - Win a CS:GO Official Competitive Match on de_dust2 with at least 2 different Slayer's members 2) Golf With Your Friends - Putt under 30 on Forest using Classic settings. 3) Payday 2 - Rob and steal more then $3,000,000 on a single heist total (take the picture of the overall funding at the end) 4) CS:GO - TTT - On PrincessCraft BETA4, take a screenshot of someone dying in the lava maze 5) CS:GO - Surf - Beat surf_kitsune in under 2:10.000 on the Slayer's Gaming Beginner Surf server. Bronze Tier Reward: 2x CS:GO Case Keys (Random) (Value: $4.80) Silver (Challenges 6-10) [LOCKED] 6) CS:GO - Jailbreak - Get to Last Request on Papa's Kingdom one round. 7) CS:GO - Surf - Witness a new map record on any map 8) Garry's Mod - Construct a house out of metal panels, as well as a computer setup on Garry's Mod (in Singleplayer or Sandbox) 9) Portal 2 - Smash a monitor of Wheatley in Chapter 8 10) H1Z1: King of the Kill - Achieve a victory on any Battle Royale mode (group or solo) Silver Tier Reward: M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy (Minimal Wear) (Value: $5.20) Gold (Challenges 11-15) [LOCKED] 11) Killing Floor 2 - Achieve a solo victory on any map 12) Tower Unite - Putt under 7 strokes on any map in Minigolf (hint: you might want to get friends for this one) 13) Rust - Record a destruction of a tower (not already posted) on Patches's Rust Server. 14) Minecraft - Construct an impressive looking fortress (I'll like it if I feel it is good) on Seagull/Dewey's Minecraft Server. 15) CS:GO - Competitive - Win a CS:GO Official Competitive Match on any CS map (assault, office, italy, militia) with at least 2 different Slayer's members Gold Tier Reward: New TTT Map Reveal [Map Port] (Value: priceless) Platinum (Challenges 16-20) [LOCKED] 16) Golf With Your Friends - Play with 6 other Slayer's members on Candyland (take a picture of the final scores) 17) Jackbox Party Pack 3 - On Guesspionage, correctly get an answer right within 1% of the actual answer, or get the answer exact 18) Borderlands 2 - Find a legendary item that requires Level 72 or Overpower Level+ (take a picture of this) 19) Geometry Dash - Defeat the fifth map on NORMAL MODE of Geometry Dash 20) Overwatch - Get a Play of the Match during Season 4 of Competitive Play Platinum Tier Reward: AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested) (Value: $7) Diamond (Challenges 21-25) [LOCKED] 21) CS:GO Competitive - Top frag and win an Official CS:GO Competitive Match on de_inferno. 22) CS:GO Jailbreak - Kill all CT's without losing more then 5 T's in a single round on Jailbreak 23) coming soon 24) coming soon 25) coming soon Diamond Tier Reward: 1 Copy of Tower Unite (Value: $15) Master (Challenges 26-30) [LOCKED] 26) coming soon 27) coming soon 28) coming soon 29) coming soon 30) coming soon Master Tier Reward: M4A4 | Desolace Space (Minimal Wear) (Value: $18) Grand Master (Challenges 31-35) [LOCKED] 31) coming soon 32) coming soon 33) coming soon 34) coming soon 35) Skyforge - Create a fresh immortal character, and get him God Form. - Bonus: AWP | Redline (Field-Tested) (Value: $11) to the person who does this Grand Master Tier Reward: New TTT Map Reveal (made from scratch!) (Value: priceless)
  15. This isn't going to work out. I'm sorry folks. There will be a new event to replace this, and servers will benefit from it, instead of just keys.