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  1. If it gets you to leave...
  2. The time of the Hype empire
  3. *You're
  4. @Hype666 @Thread Bot We're descending into anarchy, send help quick
  5. And you STILL haven't done my icon, cunt
  6. @AmooToma Your desperate attempts to become relevant are futile
  7. Are you actually being serious right now? Moma come on man
  8. Why ban yourself if you're gonna come crawling back afterwards...? *Insert slayers is dying so it doesn't matter joke*
  9. not even on a dead server will you get that privilege.
  10. There is no peaceful death here, you know that
  11. I think he was going back to what Chondo said: Why continue trying with something that is probably not gonna bounce back?
  12. I was stripped a bit ago bucko, I'm allowed to surf the forums and see how every single thread turns into a drama thread, and/or how slayers falls. Why can't a nibba sit back, eat his popcorn and watch a server burn?
  13. You're literally only saying this because you have Server Lead, kiddie
  14. est or pst
  15. how is there a meeting for a sunken ship
  16. I've always used the regular log-in, you're better off taking a slightly longer process that's less prone to breaking m8
  17. Oh yeah the whole scooby thing lel oof
  18. @President Evil dont forget
  19. Is that supposed to scare me? "Hurr I retired but I'l still BAN ya!!!!" Go fuck a goat, ya kiwi
  20. Ah, the second you're called out, you double post like a whiny bitch. Take a page from the original roots' book and realize why you failed so fucking hard.