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  1. I've always used the regular log-in, you're better off taking a slightly longer process that's less prone to breaking m8
  2. Oh yeah the whole scooby thing lel oof
  3. @President Evil dont forget
  4. Is that supposed to scare me? "Hurr I retired but I'l still BAN ya!!!!" Go fuck a goat, ya kiwi
  5. Ah, the second you're called out, you double post like a whiny bitch. Take a page from the original roots' book and realize why you failed so fucking hard.
  6. Only problem with that is, aside from zeezo, nothing was fucking taken seriously, going back to Chondo's thing with noobnz, it was all just memes with those reports. When he said to me "wah why don't you report them then" like, we all know reports against anyone semi-respected wont to jack shit.
  7. CSGO getting boring, lack of consistent new, non-shitty players, noobnz and patches having any power over anything at all, nothing new to bring to the plate, etc
  8. The last really caring, honest guy as root, gone now. I think I speak for every one when I say thank you for all you've done to try and better this place, in terms of setting up events, being a part of the community as a whole, and trying to connect with people. You even helped me out at times when other roots would do jack shit, and I hold you in high regards for that. Best of luck to whatever you choose to do next, I plan on keeping your ass added, so this ain't a goodbye from me, dad.
  9. *You're
  10. Why do you get so buttmad over one comment? Mr "Alpha dog" over here, grow the fuck up, child.
  11. Ok ok calm down dad. Maybe something should be set into place, like in the general community rules stating "Any mass rule breaking will result in an illegal DDOS of your wifi connection due to IP leak from one of our trusted roots"?
  12. it isn't assigning blame. When dewey WAS root, and he shared it, nothing was done to him. Now noobnz does the same exact thing, and the same repercussions happen, nothing. The main question was more of "Why is this shit ok?" considering he just does something like that and no one bats an eye.
  13. wow, that was a very unfunny comment, you're a very uncomfortable person to see text from, please go away Seems he's out to be the catalyst that starts a huge drama thread, so nah