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  1. People can't make one harmless thread without someone shitting on it for no reason. In regards to the main topic, modern feminists aren't even feminists, they have the same rights, the wage gap doesn't exist, maybe if they could see how it was back in 1910 for em they'd shut their asses up.
  2. Which is a problem within itself you oaf
  3. Real talk why isn't horse root
  4. Thank you for not being a shitbird
  5. It's too late
  6. You fucked up...
  7. lemme slap dat ass

  8. Oh so you're a pretend asswipe, while deep inside you're a special snowflake who needs to be referred to by his correct gender, genderfluid demi-guy
  9. Only @Thread Bot can save us now
  10. @Ragewastaken @Zoid
  11. Don't forget best CP
  12. ok?