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  1. Why isn't this on IGN
  2. pfft all you needed was the mindset to watch the vents that people could come out from as well as be ontop of all the tiny secrets like the side of cells and whatnot, too bad the mental capacity of most CT's didn't allow them to do that. All I really wanted was a finishing of the map, like actual textures and shite. Good job anyways noob
  3. Continually making these kinds of threads and liking your own posts every time
  4. What???? @Patchennopoulos froze all to do something, and I UNFROZE everyone twice, but I didnt know patches was trying to do something. Patches was trying to get someone's karma up, cuz it was so low he couldnt kill anyone. I didn't do anything lel, and it was patches perma freezing anyone, not me, and he had a reason to do it anyways.
  5. Prolly gonna end around 3750ish, ill try and fully climb to GM next seasom, tbh I want the season end so I can get my first set of gold weps
  6. you're
  7. we should just let slayers run as an anarchy smh
  8. who actually is that
  9. 5'11''
  10. Found you
  11. About 2 months of inactivity, I'm gonna make an effort to be on the servers more and get my 20+ hours in. That's it. And who's the meme who gave noobnz root