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  1. Could you make it less bright? I hate how goddamn bright it is on that map xp
  2. I think you forgot to add reaper to that strawpoll kek
  3. That's saved for the worst of the worst, this isnt TOO cancer tbh
  4. 20$ is 20$
  5. lel everything I asked last time was either responded with "I don't know" or "No" so hopefully more productive this time
  6. You're thinking of ISIS
  7. Nah fam leave me be I just wanna be a furcunt. Was the picture at the end really necessary @LCpl. Furry? I dont think normies can handle that
  8. wat I'm saying I got the game a week ago and was able to use reaper to get elims and get into plat, chill fam
  9. Don't remember saying if he's good or bad, just used him and it worked, and got me into mid platinum after a week of playing, you tell me drewcuck
  10. Checkmate
  11. Somebody has to get 30+ eliminations every game
  12. Got the game a week ago and got the plats lets go bois yeh im a scummy reaper main
  13. Not really, more of an insult to someone who's probably not telling the truth to what they did, Greased has been here a while and wouldn't mute you for that long for no reason, and considering you didn't say what you did I'm assuming it was something annoying.