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  1. Why buy paidmin again...
  2. Pikmin Super Mario Sunshine Star Fox 64 Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Luigi's Mansion Pokemon Emerald Animal Crossing Sonic Adventure DX + Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Hell, i still use an emulator to play Pikmin on my computer, the nostalgia is so sweet
  3. Stop oppressing his freedom of speech cunt
  4. Thanks for leaving me as the only furry admin -_- i know now we didn't play too much, but still, keep me added, and good luck to any future endeavors German Shep boy
  5. I had to private it cuz everyone kept harassing me
  6. Like I said, you took the picture of some random 15 year old and made it your profile picture, despite knowing I didnt like it. So yeah, thanks for being a prick man, appreciate it
  7. tf you mean old root, did jessica not give it to you, which then you proceeded to use it as your profile picture, which then led to me banning you? and you say hilarious, you took the picture of a 15 year old and proceeded to make fun of it, damn you're cool.
  8. What do you mean exposed, I'd say more on the lines of called out
  9. i mean, my picture was doxxed by @kush and jessica, aka i didnt give it to anyone, but yeh....
  10. Another person I'm glad to see on the servers gone, wonderful. Good luck to your future endeavors buddy.
  11. Can I make one of my prizes you leaving forever?
  12. But ya have roots like Dewey that give out people's IP's and eventually they get ddosed, and he thought giving out his own info was justification for it, not trying to steer aside the main issue here, I just saw that you had a problem with doxxing and Dewey JUST did something scummy like that.