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  1. Today, i had taken notice of a large amount of kids on and im a little torn on the situation. People like Mr. Kenny (the paidmin) and other kids on ct im extremely lenient with, and whenever there's a warden that's a kid and is obviously struggling, i tell off everyone that keeps on making fun of em and talking over them. But there's only so much that can be bent. When kids talk over people too much, don't listen to admins and are generally irritating to play with, people are gonna get irritated. Generally, the way people under 16 are treated is like shit, and i dont feel like ppl should be attacked just cuz they're not of age, and always try to stand up for em, hell i was a squeaky xbox kid 4 1/2 years ago. I think people should stop being really toxic to them, because whether it be they dont know what they're doing or make a few mistakes, being toxic back isnt gonna help. aka Being toxic to the kids =
  2. There's no coming back from this
  3. L I T
  4. If this was out when i was in my prime o boyo boy
  5. are the arms and people's own gloves not showing up gonna be fixed?
  6. Go get a copy of the jb rules from 2014 and put em into effect over the new ones It might be a meme but maybe it could work as something fun for like a weekend just to see how it works...
  7. You're one of the good ones tho. I'll say this once more, i was for something along the lines of a 16+ rule of the sorts, but the way it was put into effect last year was awful. It was a full on favoritism game with the admins, and unless there's a fair way to make it so people under 16 get worse treatment than people above (or those who sound it) then go for it. After awhile tho, not all kids under 16 are toxic, and i don't know if making this a rule would even fix the problem at hand, people getting bored of jb and its stale state.
  8. Lets not forget all the new rules added in since the good ol days that limit some stuff that used to be able to be done.
  9. @Thread Bot Save us before we all kill each other off
  10. A C C U R A T E R E P R E S E N T A T I O N O F T H E C O L D W A R G E T T I N G H O T
  11. Because people fail to see that when doxxing had happened previously in the community to other members, nothing had happened, but when scoobs willingly sends pictures of himself to barney and he posts them they go feral.
  12. I think scoobs has more mental problems to give pictures of himself to barney. this is barney we're talking about. dont forget
  13. I had asked around, even higher up for my stuff to be removed and nothing had been done, you can't honestly expect me to not be a salt mine right now. Why should i stand by the people that did nothing in my case, in warden's case? Its fucking pathetic