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  1. Memorial Day is tomorrow, May 29th, 2017. I just wanted to make this thread to remind you guys to appreciate the troops that are/have been at arms. Any war that they have to fight in or what ever fucked up shit that they've seen. It's all to protect our country. 'Merica!
  2. man, who the fuck going to stop KD? no one. not even leonard. /thread
  3. 5'6'' I've grown 8 inches in the last year and a half.
  4. Yeah, I remember you crocker
  5. Hi I played back in 2014-15 It's been a while i like white girls, league of legends, and csgo. :)
  6. TLDR -Escort/Assult Hybird Map? (idk) -Stuttgart Germany, during the Omnic Crisis, they were being invaded by robots, robots slay the the Army Men, but the Germans get there in time to stop the Omnics -Escorting a battering ram
  7. stalin will be back the south will rise again xd its reddit
  8. oh, its been a while..
  9. i have no fucking idea who papi is hes never been in my life
  10. im not 13 i just turned 11 last november so stop cyber bully me
  11. holy shit jordan sounded like he was 13
  12. if you want to stream i suggest 4 or 8 more gigs of ram you can probably stream cs with 8 gigs though
  14. hes allowed to post this but when a prolapsed anis shows up the swat team and a whole countries sweatshop workers demand to get me banned