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  1. This faggot's fans in his computer have LED's so that when they spin it says I Love SlayersGaming
  2. Hi

    Hi Faggot.
  3. Just here for an extra post and if someone wants to drop some likes that would be great.
  4. @President Evil @me
  5. Welcome to forums
  6. Beamer maintenance cost is whats going to suck, parts are expensive. Save money get the acura, and later on get a m6 coupe
  7. He's cutoff. someone else can try to help him
  8. If you're not able to post proof of him spamming / interrupting people there's nothing we can do. If you are able to get a recording or something, make a rule breaker report in the appropriate section here. /thread
  9. Why did you post this in the market place? And hes not an admin so he has literally 0 power on the servers, he has helped me catch fuck heads exploiting a gun glitch on the current map. And hes messaged me when people are being retards and asks me to join the server. Whether he is spamming or not when no admins are on, I have no clue.
  10. CT-Ban Removed /thread
  11. ok so Ive had a long drawn out discussion about it with my local Mormon church and after much prayer this is my stance on it: