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  1. Thought id hop in this for some quick likes, any takers?
  2. Tuned ECU Remus Performance Exhaust
  3. mute stays /thread
  4. you've been mutes for 1-5 minutes multiple times showing you don't know how to fucking chill, and i quote "either you lower the mute or i have to go to the forums"
  5. You've been muted plenty of times, it should be higher at this point, and kicked you for bitching at me in admin chat
  6. I'll be at your party later and i'll bring the hottest american guys that i can find, just for you.



  7. for future maps i think it could be a good idea
  8. Ill help out here now dont worry, have you tried leaving said computer / phone overnight in a bag of rice?
  9. As Dreams Are Made On, unfortunately we didn't win championships
  10. Yup :)
  11. Tell me when you march Blue Devils faggot, Marched a year on baritone but i mainly play trombone
  12. Scout knives you cant damage your team, or reload without it glitching out
  13. I remember reading a thread somewhere that unplugging your computer and holding down the power button releases and build up discharge or some bull shit
  14. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/user1000/builds/ There's his build
  15. Yea i know, but there might be something special for one day possibly