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  1. 2 seconds*
  2. Nope brain dead community with brain dead roots I don’t care enough to try to fix this place, even if I wanted to I don’t have perms to much, and I’m pretty sure keloy is MIA like patches so that leaves me as the only one here
  3. I’d like to think you all have more important things to do in your day than this
  4. I blame @ShttyTom
  5. wasnt me I dont even know how to do that shit
  6. Thankyou for your service. It is greatly appreciated
  7. You still have your fucking admin powers how many times does this have to be said for you to get it Why do you even care so much? times haven't been reset for at least 1 or 2 months now so
  8. first of all, its over second, you guys still have your powers if you guys choose not to play then whats the difference of having admin or not
  9. Locking this before it turns into a shit show since thats what seems to happen when im gone, Ill watch the demo.
  10. This one is up to parches, will you faggots stop with the fake ddos threats none of you are competent enough to actually do it so don't act like you will /locked until decision has been made
  11. manifest destiny