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  1. I want the game
  2. what version is it ?
  3. i want one
  4. ima miss you buddy
  5. welcome
  6. grats on everyone
  7. gl brandon , imma miss you buddy
  8. Welp, been fun (kinda). Unfortunately toxicity has taken over, or in ttt terms - terrorists win. The roots have officially fucked themselves over and i think its time they see that. They are power hungry money hungry people that are desperate for paidmins because they cant hold a community together. Applications should be as simple as whats ur name, and how many hours. applied/denied. I have given plenty of money to SG and am one of the reasons they are still up. I think slayers will be dead in the next couple months - this is bing saying adios.
  9. @Cheese nice background picture mah d00d

  10. same
  11. happy birthday you fuckin pussy, i took 5 of your warning points away as ur gift.  =9

  12. happy bday : )