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  1. a fellow spaghetti worshipper! chutzpah! on a side note; religion is fucking weird man. mandatory circumcision but no bacon? hmmmmm oh yea, "i cant get tattoos or piercings!!!" LOL HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA
  2. Where are the rule breaker reports on pepe doing this all the time? I constantly see people bitching, WAH WAH WAH this guy left 4 times once they get banned for breaking a rule but they NEVER REPORT the person they're crying about. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
  3. @Zeezo Awaiting Admin response.
  4. "because and admin told me this has happened before, thats a fact" shut the fuck up retard, I don't give a fuck about what an admin told you, we've had admins here say the dumbest shit in the world. Addict-Time works, you've barely put any time in this month to the trade server, even worse; you're arguing with people who run this shit and know the leaderboard isn't broken. l8r dipshit. Application Denied.
  5. homie theres no glitch on hours, addict-time has no issues. you've barely touched the server in the past 28 days, facts.
  6. patches rn
  7. It just seems like today he is trying to get the hours, the same time hes making the application; idk. It would've been much better if you made your forum account at least a month ago and put mad time into the trade server throughout the whole month. just my 2cents tho
  8. You have 2 hours on trade in the last 24 days? :P
  9. thanks huey, now i can cover up all the ddo- i mean wow dude what a huge donation thanks kind sir!
  10. finally something u and i can agree on!!
  11. Nah, I was in teamspeak when he originally got stripped, pres had no idea crocker was even admin and all he said to strip him just because of his age rofl. age dont mean shit, just cause someones 13 doesnt mean its an insta-deny. crocker abused less than fuckin halochris for gods sake
  12. Crocker shouldn't have gotten stripped tho, it was BS.
  13. next vet on my strip list is obsidian
  14. Pepe eliminates @noobnz 16-13, pepe advances to Losers Round 4 vs @themonkey @Cailen eliminates @Patchennopoulos 16-7, @Cailen advances to Losers Round 4 vs @venomofthesky
  15. no i mean the 7700k