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  1. he has school tomorrow
  2. mankey why would u delete me!
  3. hey whatever happened to monkey?
  4. The community vote was planned? I told you and the whole community on your Admin Abuse report that there was going to be a vote. So...? Like I said, you deserved to be banned; you earned it. :D
  5. No. No matter what you did, the advertising didn't really matter. You abused your admin powers in 10man with valid proof, and the punishment was a 2 week ban + referendum vote for the community to decide if you should be perma banned. ^ theres the vote thread for you. majority ruled You deserved to be banned. Even if you didn't do the advertising you were getting perma-banned, you and I both know that. Stop looking for loopholes in your ban. You got banned for a legitimate reason. Nice try.
  6. im telling you dude he has actual mental problems. its fucking insane
  7. tf are you talking about? the vote was mentioned when i banned you for the shit you did on 10man. y'know, the thread where you cried for noobnz to be the one to answer to since I was biased, and he fucked you in the ass anyways? LOL
  8. I already said the thing with Ciggy doesn't fucking matter. YOU WERE GETTING PERMA'D ANYWAYS BECAUSE OF THE COMMUNITY VOTE. So why are you talking about the advertising shit and the teamspeak shit with ciggy? It doesn't fucking matter. The community vote was happening because of what you did in 10man, not teamspeak. That's what I've been saying this entire fucking time you 15 year old fuckboi
  9. So who the fuck banned you? Me or him? Speak the fuck up lmao
  10. Why are you asking me? I wasn't owner when he banned you, I wasn't in charge of Admin-powers in teamspeak. Not to mention it doesn't matter if he banned you from teamspeak or not? You were gonna get perma'd by one of the roots anyways.
  11. Dude. Are you fucking dense? Ciggy banned you from teamspeak on his OWN accord, we had the community vote, the MAJORITY voted for you to be permanently banned, so I added in your other bans. Why would I unban you from teamspeak and then just re-ban you? It makes no fucking sense. Oh great now Nollyn is getting all SJW with the N word on the internet. ROFL
  12. You were supposed to be permanently banned from what you did on the 10man server, which I stated in the thread months ago which is why we were leaning towards a community vote, so we could let the people decide and not just the roots. Why do you not think shit out? @sl0wness thank you for proving all this kid wants to do is argue with me. lmao
  13. I literally don't know what's going on because you never explain yourself. 1. You got banned from your own decisions / mistakes. 2. I'm not one of the reasons Slayers died or declined. 3. Servers peaked during my time as ROOT. 4. Pres didn't even want you here, so don't act as if right when Patches was owner you got fucked over. That's literally it, it's as simple as that. You're the reason you got banned. Suck it up, own up to your mistakes, stop being pathetic.
  14. What? You've brought up that ban multiple times. IS THIS KID DELUSIONAL? WTF IS GOING ON Ciggy banned you from teamspeak, which was his decision. I then banned you from forums/servers because the community voted for it. Damn, these reading comprehension issues are definitely annoying! Nollyn has mental issues and reading issues. I almost feel bad
  15. You weren't unbanned from teamspeak because of the vote, the vote then ended and I banned you from the servers/website. I linked the vote thread earlier in one of my posts. 60+% of the community voted for you to be permanently banned. lmao