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  1. There are some really nice mechanical keyboards for about $40. Nigga. $40 40 FUCKIN DOLLARS BRUH
  2. -1 Dude recently got banned for trying to grab a community members IP, shouldn't be in any position of power whatsoever.
  3. cya in 2 weeks!
  4. it took such a long time for patches to fix it! wow!
  5. Nope. They go right the fuck offline and get banned with it.
  6. STORY TIME This was recent, 1-2 months ago: Two fuckheads came onto our servers and were harassing one of our trade admins (I think it was sl0wness?). They were saying shit about him and trying to expose some personal information of his, so they got banned from the servers and of course; they came onto the SlayersGaming forums! They make ban appeals and in the ban appeals they're trying to release said information, they're acting like cunts, talking shit to some of us in shoutbox, etc. What did I do? I dropped their IPs, and I sent them fucking packing. "dropping peoples IPs resolve nothing!" They didn't come back. So fuck off ya liberal pussies.
  7. @Zeezo @Parches Kenguini doesn't understand why he is banned, he is stating that he never helped Adolf in such an act. Response?
  8. The blacklist hasn't been enforced as of recent so I'm just throwing it out there now that I won't be surprised when Adolf is back on and shit. lmao
  9. This. @Zeezo Adolf should not be able to pay bail, same with monkey.
  10. Huh! Only took months for something to finally be fucking done! @President Evil look!
  12. false. Dragonball and Inuyasha are both fucking amazing. @Zeezo speak some sense into this man!
  13. "i dont watch manga" - Cailen 2017
  14. the fact u said that proves to me ur a weaboo