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  1. I'm just starting to believe that being in Slayers makes everyone a bit/lot more cancer, this is the first gaming community I've ever been in that is so lenient where everything is pretty much allowed and if you ever get in trouble all you have to do is slip about $10-$20 and you're unbanned..
  2. i thought u were leaving for 4 weeks?
  3. with an i3? i predict u drink bleach
  4. he is perma banned
  5. he didnt like my hot dog!~
  6. i own a lamborghini@!!
  7. you're right. noobnz should be punished too lol this shits funny man huey got permabanned and the only difference was is that he made a thread and the 3 of us didnt!
  8. What Adolf and I did caused at the very least the same amount of drama Huey did so why weren't we punished? sounds like.. F A V O R I T I S M rip
  9. "why can't they do anything they want on THEIR community and break rules" So if a ROOT was ddosing you for weeks it doesnt matter? sick logic LMAO
  10. well, with how long you've been here means a longterm track record and how much more you care about the community if that makes sense he said terrible person, not a terrible staff member. lmao
  11. @kush Awaiting Admin response.
  12. dewey stole $400 from a 14 year old kid


    everyone think about that


    dewey, the scumbag faggot fuckhead snake lookin ass retard nintendo64 shirt wearing queerbait riding cucklord

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    2. ScarletTarget


      Everyone is going of the dep end nowadays

    3. Marti[N]


      and one of those 14 year old kids is seagull

    4. noobnz


      its not just the stealing bit, dewey groomed cailen, and also got cailen to buy him shit. 

  13. because the rules~!
  14. i agree! ive been behind all this controversy lately!
  15. yea i can i still have root perms on the control panel if someone joins the servers u can see their ip
  16. what r u fucking scared of speaking ur opinion!
  17. Dick vs Pepe is a Bitch on Dust 2, Dick starts on t-side. I'm hosting the game. @Zeezo
  19. yes young sir this is indeed a serious topic