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  1. So, it's a general consensus that SlayersGaming is.. "dead" so to say. It's sad to see, about 5-6 months ago I told everyone that CS:GO for communities was dying, but I wanna hear your guys reasoning to why the community is dead. According to Nollyn, all the chill people were banned, pres left, and I was here, that's why Slayers died! Wow! Would you imagine such a contributing community member like Nollyn saying something like this? He really did a lot for Slayers during his time here. I'd love to hear all of your opinions! Let's get a serious discussion going!
  2. Patches hasn't even made an announcement to the community regarding the issues of the servers being dead 95% of the time and teamspeak being a ghost-town. idk why any of you are trying when it seems like Patches isn't giving it his 110% right now
  3. that whole situation started a revolution
  4. Me staying wouldn't have been able to change anything. It's Patches' community. The ball was in his court.
  5. And multiple times I pushed for the bullshit system here to be changed and I was blown off. No one wanted to make "big" changes, and look what happened? No "risk" was taken, and the community is dead BECAUSE ITS BLAND.
  6. Well I don't know what he wants, but if he wanted the community to die I guess he got his wish. LMAO
  7. Well when I was Senior Staff with Patches I made some suggestions I felt that could've helped the community a bit, but they were ignored. i.e.; I wanted to re-structure the Administration system, I really just wanted to crack down on the bail system at one point cause people just do whatever they want get permabanned pay bail and people act like nothing happened.. Which isn't good for any community. It's not my community though, and that's one of the reasons I resigned, what I wanted and what Patches wanted/wants are completely different.
  8. Nothing. At the end of the day 3-4 former ROOTS wanted Shiro to be Owner, so if they re-branded and Shiro didnt get a piece of the pie or the whole pie LG still would've been made, further dividing the community. Pres made the right move not giving his community to the people who went to LG, fuck that shit man. I'd rather have this place dead as fuck than see that have happened.
  9. PlqGari.png


    i said slayers was dead months ago when i was saying csgo for communities was dead, rofl.  



  10. u of all people shouldnt be remembering the good times of slayers! u monster!!
  12. I never blamed Slayers dying on you, 80% of the problem is CS:GO just being a stale game, I'm just saying when the community was in that huge flame war of Adolf vs fucking 12 people the fact you let the 3 jews AND asuna back was just.. really fucking dumb man. Also Who the fuck unbanned nollyn? Jesus Christ.
  13. Too bad there are a ton of toxic fucking scumbag faggots who aren't on the black-list.
  14. Patches didn't do anything wrong, I just don't think he did much right. (if that makes sense) We all knew CS:GO was getting boring, I called it a long time ago and people acted like it wasn't true, the game just isn't that special anymore and for a community like Slayers, it's just dead. Big problem with Slayers: For a long time it was memers/cool people/super nice people The "memers" bullied a lot of super nice people, harassed em, whatever the fuck you want to call it. Said nice people left the community and took some of their friends with them, months later these fucking "memers" get banned and their friends leave with them so Slayers is later than left with cool people, a couple of faggot memers, and some nice people, which caused even more arguments. I just think the rules around here weren't enforced well, during my time as ROOT I tried hard to keep the toxicity away (Created a proper blacklist, re-did the bail system, officiated a proper reply/judgement system for reports, appeals, etc.) But I do agree that noobnz was a problem as a ROOT, I'm just gonna keep it real. @noobnz the fact you let "the jews" hang around was just fucking stupid and whoever removed Asuna from the blacklist is a fucking retard, Asuna got off the blacklist and within a couple of hours he posts a picture of Pres' mom on teamspeak. Yeah, Slayers deserved to die at that point. fuck it lmao edit: Also, squeakers. I mainly stopped coming into teamspeak due to the sole reason I didn't want to be around annoying fucking faggots, even if I muted them its then impossible to talk to other people because we'd be talking over each other. I didn't have a problem with squeakers until I was in a channel with Charymander, Pepe, Plue, and some other fucking weirdo at the same time.. At that point I realized fuck this shit lmao
  15. when @Zeezo says hes resigning but hes doing rule breaker reports and ban appeals as we speak 



  16. this kid pulls mad bitches
  17. this place is as dead as that raccoon i had anal sex with last we-


    oh shit hey guys! haha!

  18. False. I'm fucking garbage at Chess. l8r nerds!
  19. 1. I lost my virginity in 7th grade 2. I'm really fucking good at Chess 3. I like asian girls
  20. hype are we still going to twitchcon

  21. I've been running about 30-35 miles a week on average in 5 year old shoes, I need some nice running shoes, preferably Nike.. Budget: $150 or less. help me fellas!!!
  22. when ur lookin at a cute girl and she makes eye contact with u



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      lol good one

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      never look away, it's a sign you're not a dominate male (this is not a joke)

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      yeah pres just stares into their soul until they look away lol

  24. looks like this is the winner so far. i like em in that dark red/crimson