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  1. Ban Appeal Denied you fucking scumbag fuck. haha just kidding, completely up to @President Evil if he wants to unban you, i wasnt even there when it happened and im sure enough Pres will forgive you cause you're not 12 years old making ddos threats every other day *cough* iLosenotwin *cough* Appeal Ongoing / Thread Locked.
  2. havent cried except getting pinged vs the last team we played, and we still won. dont choke ;)
  3. lol i heard this guy call another guy a traitor so i killed him lol its not rdm wtf why are u banning me wow im leaving this shitty fucking server i have 12 other accounts anyways haha!1!!!!1
  4. we already came back from being down 7-0 vs dash's team and they were much more stacked than you guys. not to mention i was 300 ping playing them so... yeah and you guys would have to make it to the finals to play vs us since we're on different sides of the bracket, GLHF.
  5. lul idk if you've seen your team rip
  6. Kush admits to t baiting, I'm gonna go ahead and close this thread to the request of @Dewey . Report Denied / Thread Closed.
  7. Every admin should be a good admin, donated $200? Anyone can do that, doesn't mean you get vet. Zeezo is a perfect example of someone who earned his vet status.
  8. Well, what did you do for the community when you were here?
  9. Pretty sure you have to be a long time member of Slayers and actually have contributed to the community when you were here, Mo you're never here and you didn't do shit while you were here.. So Pres probably won't give you vet lol
  10. You're completely right, but I lost a ton of my skill, aiming, positional awareness. I don't even remember the Mirage call-outs I was literally saying "to the left" / "to the right" the whole fucking game. Stop making excuses, you guys were up 7-0 and lost. GGEZ
  11. hahahhahahaaahahahahahahahahahahaha
  12. omg you pulled up pictures from over a year ago!!! If you had a brain, you'd of realized I quit playing CS:GO from July - December, only logging probably 15 hours within those months. You guys didn't even use your main 5, it was a fair matchup. Not to mention, you guys were winning 7-0 and had built a strong economy, not my fault you couldn't keep the lead; don't get cocky next time. ;)
  13. GG to SonyyyD, we were losing 7-0 and came back and won 16x11. What a coincidence that my ping was going up to 300+ during the game, lmao.
  15. First match of the tourney is about to go down, hell yea!

  16. added u on steam to do the ban phase for map
  17. Two strongest teams going at it in the first match of the tourney? I like it. @Dash we can play from 5-7pm PST, the earlier we can start it the better. GLHF.
  18. Anyone who posts a ban appeal for this kid is getting a one week forum ban. I banned him from the forums for spam, he was spamming and I told him to cut the shit and he didn't. It's like kids nowadays don't speak basic fucking english? I told him if he wants to be unbanned, he can pay bail. END. OF. STORY. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
  19. he could be right, i turned 14 only 3 days before my first day of highschool, so i was basically 13. maybe he started early or skipped a grade
  20. legendary thread
  21. there's 7 teams so if you make a team with other people who dont have one there's 8 teams which is perfect for a tournament setting
  22. @JGamby for some reason I heard you're not participating, which could of been false info, if not; make it public so we could make sure a sub for your team is set. Just want to make sure everything goes smooth. To everyone else: Please try to get at least 1-2 more teams signed up, the more the merrier!
  23. I spectated Juiced, ツMerk, and seal. I watched enough of the demo to make an assumption and a final verdict. ⍟Juiced (STEAM_1:0:192891159) is guilty. He was definitely cheating and I don't have a doubt in my mind he was even triggering at one point. This is in no way his first steam account, he's definitely hiding something considering this steam account was only made ~2 months ago. ツMerk (STEAM_1:0:121656322) is guilty. He was toggling hard during the game and he was definitely cheating during warm-up, kid couldn't of been more blatant imo, I had people telling me during our game he was cheating so there was definitely some suspicion while I was playing with him. seal (STEAM_1:1:64235517) is innocent. From what I watched, he isn't guilty of cheating. Those found guilty have been banned permanently, let me once again say Juiced definitely has more steam account(s) so if you have any info on him you can PM me on the forums, thank you. Report Accepted / Thread Closed.
  24. I don't understand how you mistakenly ban someone for cheating though.. If someone is banned for cheating we review the demo, don't unban him next time. I've dealt with that before and the person was still cheating, been playing CS for over 10 years dude. I've seen it all. When I can watch the demo I'll note everything "suspicious" I see.
  25. @Dewey if someone is banned for anything related to cheating, don't unban them until we've properly reviewed a demo; that's protocol. I'm not going to say if someone is cheating or someone isn't, until I get to watch the demo I don't care for them because I'm not going to ban someone unless there is solid proof, I tried downloading the demo but they were 1MB so @President Evil would have to find the issue with that shit. Report Ongoing / Thread Open. Also @Zoidberg just because you were on his team doesn't automatically mean he wasn't cheating lmao, I've played with plenty of people who were cheating and I didn't notice until I watched the demo.