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  1. Call of Duty: WW2
  2. 1 SR = $1 Sounds fair to me!
  3. @Durandal @noobnz @President Evil @drewboo @Zox
  4. @Mysticmints metal factory workers are SCUM
  5. Halo: 2/3 Pokemon: RBG / GSC HL2:DM CS:Source DoD:Source Can't believe none of these were mentioned, all some of the greatest games of their time / ever made.
  6. I actually have a pretty good idea for a tournament, but, just trying to think of proper prizing, etc.
  7. Final Score: 13-16 This time around I tried to have fun and play with people who have been in the community for a while, but I guess I just need to make stacked teams every tournament since no one else knows how to properly hold a bombsite. rip. till next tourney where ebic and I can just rape everything
  8. Mystic and I were fine with 2-3 pst, and all you said was fine to sunday. Zeezo will be home at 2 pm so I hope you can get your team on asap, seems like my boys are ready to play.
  9. Mystic said earlier, 2-3pst? All pepe said was he agrees to sunday, lol
  10. My team and Pepe's still hasn't played yet, but if we win I can't play after 5, got shit to do the rest of the day. Finals would probably have to be next weekend if thats fine with @neT and it also gives us a week to decide the day/time/map. :)
  11. Before bashing some of my current suggestions and shedding light on recent issues, make sure you read the current rules, especially before you shit-post here. In recent events, it seems the General Community Rules have been ignored by many people when it comes to Section B (In specific, Harassment/Creating a Hostile Environment) and nothing is being done about it. I know, this is an online gaming community and at the end of the day, 99% of the shit that happens here will not matter in 5 years. But, that doesn't mean people need to post pictures of one-another, harass each other, constantly post memes in the shout-box when a ROOT is trying to understand a situation or just keep adding fuel to the fire because it doesn't concern/involve you. Almost 2 weeks ago, @Warden Frostwater was being harassed in team-speak and on the forums, people were posting pictures of him and I will personally admit I overlooked it myself because we all know Warden does cry wolf a bit too much, but at the same time, the people he reported broke numerous Community rules multiple times and nothing was done about it. There has always been a meme in this community that goes along the lines of "well, slayers is a day-care lol" when people get salty after being harassed/memed too often, but read my next sentence very carefully.. Harassing someone and meme-ing someone are two completely different things; meme-ing example: me telling @Mysticmints he works in a metal-factory and calling him "Mystic metal-factory Mints", Mystic does not in fact work at a Metal-Factory and that is why it is a meme, it is irrelevant and has nothing to do with his personal life one bit. Harassing example: Several people constantly posting pictures of Warden, talking about Seagulls personal issues in an attempt to record their reactions and make them feel bad about something they obviously hate, if you're constantly bringing up someones family issues or posting pictures of someone after they legit beg you to stop, you're not being an MLG memer, you're being a stupid fucking troglodyte cunt who still eats hot pockets because you don't know how to make anything else to eat. What can be done about this? Well how about we start at the base of the community? THE RULES (Or as I like to call it, THE LAW) My first suggestion is to add a new rule to Section B; "Do not post a picture of anyone even if you have their permission, only they are allowed to post said picture" "But Chondo, why shouldn't their friend(s) be able to post the picture?" Well, the friend posts it somewhere and then the MLG memers I am talking about take the picture and go over-board with it and just fucking meme to oblivion, example: @The Muffin Man posted a picture of himself a very long time ago, I posted the picture onto my profile while a bunch of other people photo-shopped him and meme'd him to the point where he stopped showing up in team-speak regularly, the majority make people hate themselves while the minority think its a good picture. My second suggestion is to review the Pay Bail System; I feel as if we need to fix this because whenever someone is permanently-banned they just go ahead and throw the quick $10-$40 and get unbanned and come back and act like good little angels for a week then go back to being cunts. Also, this is a tiny bit off-topic, but people who are permanently banned should 95% of the time stay banned for what they did and not be given the PRIVILEGE of PAYING BAIL. The Pay Bail System should be for members who are on the regular nice people who contribute to the community who have a mini-fuck up and don't want to wait out a 2-4 week+ length ban, this is why during my time as ROOT I stated that ScarletTarget will never be given the privilege to Pay Bail because of what he did. (Not to mention the first time he was unbanned was only because of me, I was being nice and gave him another chance but of course that doesn't work around here most of the time) I think I'm being very fair in my suggestions I posted here today, we don't need some magical poll that says "Yes/No", if you actually support my suggestions just drop a like on the post and it will show the ROOTS that some of you want a tiny bit of change, nothing too drastic, but a little bit here and there will go a far way in the long term rather than people wanting the community to change over-night with a ton of new rules.
  12. While I agree with a majority of what you said, when the rules are ignored by most of those who should be enforcing them, it creates a confusion within the community of "why did he get punished then so and so didn't?" you get what I'm saying? When I became ROOT, I implemented the "Report Denied" "Report Ongoing" and "Report Accepted" / Thread Closed + explanation why I was doing so. Still seeing ROOTS here incorrectly adopting what I created and its sad because it makes the reports nice and the person who made the report actually gets reason behind the final decision.
  13. Mo isn't apart of this community, every time he came on the forums all he did was spread toxicity and talk shit, which is why Pres permanently banned him. Dudes a scumbag
  14. Preach, brother. Preach.
  15. That's even worse than how I made it sound, thanks for making my suggestion look better. <3
  16. New form submission from Rule Breaker Report Name of Offender: neT, Dewey Offenders Steam ID: N/A Your name in game: N/A Your Steam ID: N/A Server this took place on: Forums What the offender did: Both of them are just adding senseless posts to my current suggestion on the forums, I want both of their posts removed, not edited to where they can post some meaningless shit they have no correlation to just to make themselves look better, please, delete both of their posts. ty. Other witnesses present during that time: N/A Screenshots/Videos: If you would like us to pull a GOTV demo post the map name, round number, and time within the round:
  17. The first rule says: "Spamming - Refrain from spam/one-liner replies, such as "lol...fgt...:-)...etc" Try to extend your post so it is meaningful. If you cannot add anything meaning to the discussion do not post at all.", please get rid of both their spam posts on my thread, thanks. My thread:
  18. Easily one of the best memes ever created in the depths of this shit-hole.
  19. I've been wanting to host a tournament for so long, but shit like this makes me not want to be generous to the community, people hosting tournaments need to have SET TIMES when the teams/players needs to show up, not both teams argue for 2 weeks to agree to a time then other teams are waiting forever for their matches. My team and Pepe agreed to a day/time within 1 day of talking about it, I just don't understand how hard it is for people to take 30-40 minutes out of their life to play a quick CS:GO game, especially when people just want to play on a Saturday/Sunday?
  20. cuz internet pixels are SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS
  21. waiting on pepe's confirmation with his team for sunday @neT
  22. @✦Pepe✦ sounds like Sunday works best for my team, but sadly @Mysticmints can only play at like 2 or 3 pst? the fuck? u workin at the metal factory all day or what jesus fuck dude stop busting my god damn ball sack u motherfucking troglodyte
  23. We're supposed to play this weekend, what time can your team make it either tomorrow or Sunday? @Mysticmints @Zeezo @Dewey ❤ @Patches ☃ @President Evil To my team, ^, what time can you guys be available either tomorrow or Sunday?
  24. I don't know if this lcpl furry guy is trolling or not, I didn't think I'd ever be out-memed but this guy is a god tier memer