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  1. a fellow spaghetti worshipper! chutzpah! on a side note; religion is fucking weird man. mandatory circumcision but no bacon? hmmmmm oh yea, "i cant get tattoos or piercings!!!" LOL HAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA
  2. Where are the rule breaker reports on pepe doing this all the time? I constantly see people bitching, WAH WAH WAH this guy left 4 times once they get banned for breaking a rule but they NEVER REPORT the person they're crying about. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
  3. @Zeezo Awaiting Admin response.
  4. "because and admin told me this has happened before, thats a fact" shut the fuck up retard, I don't give a fuck about what an admin told you, we've had admins here say the dumbest shit in the world. Addict-Time works, you've barely put any time in this month to the trade server, even worse; you're arguing with people who run this shit and know the leaderboard isn't broken. l8r dipshit. Application Denied.
  5. homie theres no glitch on hours, addict-time has no issues. you've barely touched the server in the past 28 days, facts.
  6. patches rn
  7. It just seems like today he is trying to get the hours, the same time hes making the application; idk. It would've been much better if you made your forum account at least a month ago and put mad time into the trade server throughout the whole month. just my 2cents tho
  8. Chondo Wars. What is Chondo Wars? Chondo Wars is a tournament organized by yours truly, for a long time now I've mocked tournaments that previous people of Slayers have hosted, my tournament will be much, much different than the previous ones that have been hosted, as there will be 2 set weekends of when everyone is supposed to play. This version of Chondo Wars will be a 1v1 tournament, but they can range from 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, to a regular 5v5 tournament. I've wanted to give back to the community for a very long time now, prizing will be announced soon but it will be worth your time, not to mention 1v1s don't take a long time. If you are planning on signing up for the tournament, please use the following format and read what weekends the tournament matches will take place, if you can't show up during those weekends please do not sign-up; this is a first come first serve tournament, once there is 32 people signed up the sign-ups will be CLOSED. PRIZES: 1st Place: 1x Copy of Outlast 2 or PlayerUnknown: BattleGrounds (WINNERS CHOICE!) 2nd Place: About ~$15 in CS:GO Skins 3rd Place: Random prize, my choice; it won't be anything amazing though. When will this tournament take place?! June 2nd-4th and June 9th-11th @ 5:00 P.M. PST Every Night (Friday-Sunday) If you sign up for the tournament and you fail to show up for your match(es) it will result in 10 warning points given on the forums which can lead to a week+ ban. FORMAT (COPY AND PASTE PLEASE): Steam ID: Steam Profile Link: Current MM Rank: Highest MM Rank: Below will be rules of the tournament, common information, and a list of people who are not allowed to compete in Chondo Wars. Tournament Rules: 1. You must be registered on our forums for at least a Month. 2. You must not have received a VAC Ban EVER in CS:GO. 3. Cheating in anyway shape or form is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification and a permanent-ban from Slayers. 4. Chondo must be present during the match, no exceptions. 5. If people want to spectate a match, both competitors MUST agree to said person spectating with Chondo. 6. Even if an AWP spawns on the map, AWPing is prohibited and will result in a 2 round punishment or forfeiting a match. 7. The Steam Account you're competing on in the tournament must have a Public Profile during the Tournament Matches. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Tournament Settings: 1. Best of 30 rounds, 15-15 will result in overtime until someone wins. 2. Aim_AK47 will be used, this map and this one only. 3. 100 Health and 100 Armor on spawn. Tournament Information: 1. 32 players, Double Elimination bracket. Each round of the tournament is a Best of 1 until Winners: Quarters / Semi-Finals / Finals, and Losers: Semi-Finals and Finals. 2. Grand Final will be a Best of 5, with the person who won winners bracket will receive a 1 game advantage meaning whoever comes from losers finals has to win 3 games, while the WB champion has to only win 2. 3. Tournament will take place the first and second weekends of June (2nd-4th and 9th-11th) matches starting every one of those nights at: 5:00 P.M. PST. Earlier if players agree to play matches ahead of time. More information on when people play will be posted once we have 32 people signed-up. 4. There will be tournament-seeding. (1 through 32) Chondo Wars ban-list: Nollyn (Multiple VAC Bans) neT_BK (Fucking Retard) Plue101 (Double forfeit) Libyan (CEVO Ban for Cheating) List of Competitors: 1. Patches (12 Points) 2. noobnz (10 Points) 3. Cheese (9 Points) 4. Crocker (10 Points) 5. Zeezo (10 Points) 6. steps^ (17 Points) 7. NEVER GUUD (12 Points) 8. GHOST (9 Points) 9. Libyan (4 Points) 10. Dutch117 (8 Points) 11. yellow fish (8 Points) 12. dycidz (5 Points) 13. ebic (18 Points) 14. Pepe (10 Points) 15. Galaxy Beatzz (4 Points) 16. themonkey (10 Points) 17. Warden Frostwater (10 Points) 18. Plue101 (3 Points) 19. fuk i got xposed (8 Points) 20. aa* (15 Points) 21. Apollo_Outcast (10 Points) 22. Poop giver (9 Points) 23. -Proto2k- (7 Points) 24. HueySherman (6 Points) 25. PSAGdude (5 Points) 26. Uther (6 Points) 27. Cum Drooble (14 Points) 28. Redd (11 Points) 29. Cubin2k (12 Points) 30. Greased Up Deaf Guy (10 Points) 31. Rage (Ragewastaken) (14 Points) 32. erik :] (14 Points) Players have a (Point) rating on there current rank and highest rank achieved. Silver 1 = 1 Point Silver 2 = 2 Points Silver 3 = 3 Points Silver 4 = 4 Points Silver Elite = 5 Points Silver Elite Master = 6 Points Gold Nova 1 = 7 Points Gold Nova 2 = 8 Points Gold Nova 3 = 9 Points Gold Nova 4 = 10 Points MG1 = 11 Points MG2 = 12 Points MGE = 13 Points DMG = 14 Points LE = 15 Points LEM = 16 Points SMFC = 17 Points GE = 18 Points @Warden Frostwater is officially co-hosting this event with me and he will record certain matches. :^)
  9. You have 2 hours on trade in the last 24 days? :P
  10. thanks huey, now i can cover up all the ddo- i mean wow dude what a huge donation thanks kind sir!
  11. finally something u and i can agree on!!
  12. Nah, I was in teamspeak when he originally got stripped, pres had no idea crocker was even admin and all he said to strip him just because of his age rofl. age dont mean shit, just cause someones 13 doesnt mean its an insta-deny. crocker abused less than fuckin halochris for gods sake
  13. Crocker shouldn't have gotten stripped tho, it was BS.
  14. next vet on my strip list is obsidian
  15. Pepe eliminates @noobnz 16-13, pepe advances to Losers Round 4 vs @themonkey @Cailen eliminates @Patchennopoulos 16-7, @Cailen advances to Losers Round 4 vs @venomofthesky
  16. no i mean the 7700k
  17. Titan X + i7-7700k should be good within ur budget
  18. cya in 2 weeks
  19. rest in peace halobitch [*]

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      He was cool


      not anymore.

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      Warden Frostwater

      @Joey1029 when he got vet, his attitude changed


      That's what happens when Veterans get their rank. I really feel to be inspired to make a post now.

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      nigga nigga bitch nigga nigga, nigga fried chicken nigga watermelon nigga, bitch nigga, nigga, white women titties ass

  20. halochris has been permanently banned, and permanently removed from his Veteran privileges for the shit hes pulled/said. Sadly, halochris just kept thinking he was immune and could keep saying snarky shit to members of the community. rip
  21. idk how to do those, @Patchennopoulos did it and didnt do it for the meeting shit.. WACK!
  22. bumping this so more people can see it and vote on a day/time. :~)
  23. @halochris1 @Ciggy Butt Brain @Not a Festive Scorpion Awaiting Admin response.
  24. Game Review: PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds This is my 2nd Game Review I've posted on the forums, I thought I might as well review this one to my best extent considering there are people in shoutbox week to week asking if its worth buying or not... I just want to say, that in some aspects I will be comparing this game to H1Z1s version of Battle Royale, but don't be mistaken; both games are nothing alike in a majority of their gameplay and that they are both differently paced. If you loved H1Z1, you might not like this game, or vice-versa. Pros: - Slow paced, more methodical approaches you can take to play the game. - You can play Squads with some friends and you can notice the teamwork, game is extremely rewarding when you're playing with a team. - All main weapons (Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, and Shotguns) are all extremely viable for gunfights/aim-duels. - The shotguns in this game actually fucking work. (Sorry H1Z1) - FPS is solid, even when throwing a Molotov. (Unless your computer is complete dogshit) - Not that hard to find Vehicles/Boats - It's basically impossible to "trade kills" like H1Z1, 99% of the time you won't trade kill unless its some grenade or sniper rifle bullet travel. - You can't jump out of your car at full speed or even half speed. (You insta-die/down) - You can't gas run a lot in this game like you can in H1Z1. - Your first win is always the best, makes you want to keep playing. Cons: - Servers can be extremely choppy/laggy at times, making the game literally unplayable. - People who are not from your region can queue into said region and just lag their way to a win. (e.g. Japanese people queueing into NA..) - It's hard to see where you're getting shot from some of the time. - Cars can clip people through walls. (As of right now) From a customer point of view, I'm pretty satisfied with the progress from the Developers, they've added new vehicles and guns since release, they've said they will be making new maps so there will actually be a map rotation, the current map is 100x better than H1Z1s, the game is overall just a lot more tactic based than H1s version of BR. The developers have a ton of money in their pocketbooks right now so expanding the development team is obviously in reach for them. On a side note, the game just isn't worth $30 at the moment, it's a $20 game but that $10 difference shouldn't make you not want to buy the game; unless you're extremely stingy on what games you're willing to pay for. Chondo's meaningless game rating scale: 9.0 / 10.0
  25. I agree that they are "op" but they can't be underpowered at close range, it IS a shotgun.