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  2. pay bail
  3. @Nollyn You're the scummiest fucker I've ever met, how many accounts have you gotten VAC Banned in the past year? Stop sending me friend requests, I don't associate myself with cheaters. Dumbass.
  4. strats are trash because every time i play on the 10man server i have people on my team who don't even know how to properly pop flash CAT or A-Site from CAT. Not to mention I always have one retard buying an AWP who can't hit a single shot with it. rip
  5. We have more than just Mist and EZmoney as our Admins for the trade server.. If you feel like you'd be a good fit for Admin, be active in the Teamspeak server, post a bit on the forums, and apply at the end of the month. Thanks! :)
  6. Dude you have 20+ CT Bans. You're keeping your permanent CT Ban, you should have never racked up 20 other bans because you're sitting here begging for mercy, but it doesn't help us when we look your name up and all I see is 24 Bans. You may re-appeal your CT Ban once the ban has lasted at least 3 months. Come back another time, because there is no way in hell we're unbanning you now. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed. p.s. Don't post another appeal. lmao
  7. Sadly, I have no idea why you were banned because the Admin who banned you put "Reason: K".. I apologize for the inconvenience regarding your ban, considering you were banned almost a year ago for no fucking reason I'm gonna go ahead and unban you. Hope to see you on the servers! :) Appeal Accepted / Thread Closed.
  8. cs-go

    not HOS worthy, hes going to be the next ROOT
  9. cs-go

    toasting in legendary bread
  10. kennyS JR and kenny2k are two completely different names kennyS is one of the most famous cs players, not surprised there was a confusion here. the IP's were checked and this is not a valid ban.
  11. Holy shit this is the most cancer Ban Appeal I have ever seen in my entire life.
  12. No matter what we do people cry after every meeting about promotions/demotions/strips/etc. We actually took a lot of the suggestions serious this time around and will be working on them, I feel like the correct people were promoted, the people who were stripped/demoted were also correct this time around. The servers are doing really good, TTT is one of our best servers right now so shout-out to all the Admins who are on it every day. We didn't give a ton of promotions out because if a lot of people get promoted then the next time the expectations are high, you get the picture.
  13. Staff team is officiated, solid promotions this time around, the people who were stripped were the right people. Progress.
  14. probably not, she had a bitch fit from what i heard
  15. french dream team is real bA1RCpf.png

  16. lol why do u think my team quit, shit takes way too long.
  17. lord bless thee as i go pee pee and dont scare me when i try to poop-e haha XD

  18. are we gonna group up so u can make me scream at the top of my lungs again?
  19. Good Movies: Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Trilogies Harry Potter (I actually didn't think they'd be good, a bit better than I expected) Good TV Shows: The Walking Dead (Seasons 3-4 are kinda boring) Shark Tank (IDK why but I fucking love this show) Anyone that says Breaking Bad is a fucking retard, most over-rated TV Series of all time fuck that faggot ass shit FUCK
  20. I miss Chondo

  21. i usually die within the first order of the round, i rarely make it to the final4 which is why i dont play on JailBreak, nothing worse than dying early then these faggots take 8 minutes to finish the round
  22. game kinda sounds fun too me lol
  23. yo

  24. "The roots have officially fucked themselves over and i think its time they see that. They are power hungry money hungry people that are desperate for paidmins because they cant hold a community together." ROOTS do not decide anything regarding Paidmins or what we do with community donations, the only person in charge of transactions here is the Community Owner @President Evil so you saying the ROOTS are money hungry makes me laugh because we don't get paid a dime to make fun of rotten egg smelling troglodytes like yourself. (I wish I did though) Power hungry? Maybe, maybe not. It's cool that I get to use my powers and permanently ban your stupid ass for posting a thread like this, when you could have just left in peace; and if the above comments are true, have fun in LG. They've got an amazing TTT server. "Applications should be as simple as whats ur name, and how many hours. applied/denied." Holy fucking shit you're actually retarded. "I have given plenty of money to SG and am one of the reasons they are still up. I think slayers will be dead in the next couple months" Funny enough, with everything going on and according to your words, Slayers is dying; we're at an all-time high regarding our player-base. Thanks for the laughs though, I really hope you come back and save Slayers one day dude, we really need you man. Everything you did for this community.. You were such an important member, don't leave. I'm fucking kidding, you're permanently fucking banned and denied any part in paying bail, lose some weight while you're at it, tubby lumpkins.