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  1. Two strongest teams going at it in the first match of the tourney? I like it. @Dash we can play from 5-7pm PST, the earlier we can start it the better. GLHF.
  2. Anyone who posts a ban appeal for this kid is getting a one week forum ban. I banned him from the forums for spam, he was spamming and I told him to cut the shit and he didn't. It's like kids nowadays don't speak basic fucking english? I told him if he wants to be unbanned, he can pay bail. END. OF. STORY. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
  3. he could be right, i turned 14 only 3 days before my first day of highschool, so i was basically 13. maybe he started early or skipped a grade
  4. legendary thread
  5. there's 7 teams so if you make a team with other people who dont have one there's 8 teams which is perfect for a tournament setting
  6. @JGamby for some reason I heard you're not participating, which could of been false info, if not; make it public so we could make sure a sub for your team is set. Just want to make sure everything goes smooth. To everyone else: Please try to get at least 1-2 more teams signed up, the more the merrier!
  7. I spectated Juiced, ツMerk, and seal. I watched enough of the demo to make an assumption and a final verdict. ⍟Juiced (STEAM_1:0:192891159) is guilty. He was definitely cheating and I don't have a doubt in my mind he was even triggering at one point. This is in no way his first steam account, he's definitely hiding something considering this steam account was only made ~2 months ago. ツMerk (STEAM_1:0:121656322) is guilty. He was toggling hard during the game and he was definitely cheating during warm-up, kid couldn't of been more blatant imo, I had people telling me during our game he was cheating so there was definitely some suspicion while I was playing with him. seal (STEAM_1:1:64235517) is innocent. From what I watched, he isn't guilty of cheating. Those found guilty have been banned permanently, let me once again say Juiced definitely has more steam account(s) so if you have any info on him you can PM me on the forums, thank you. Report Accepted / Thread Closed.
  8. I don't understand how you mistakenly ban someone for cheating though.. If someone is banned for cheating we review the demo, don't unban him next time. I've dealt with that before and the person was still cheating, been playing CS for over 10 years dude. I've seen it all. When I can watch the demo I'll note everything "suspicious" I see.
  9. @Dewey if someone is banned for anything related to cheating, don't unban them until we've properly reviewed a demo; that's protocol. I'm not going to say if someone is cheating or someone isn't, until I get to watch the demo I don't care for them because I'm not going to ban someone unless there is solid proof, I tried downloading the demo but they were 1MB so @President Evil would have to find the issue with that shit. Report Ongoing / Thread Open. Also @Zoidberg just because you were on his team doesn't automatically mean he wasn't cheating lmao, I've played with plenty of people who were cheating and I didn't notice until I watched the demo.
  10. your team? you mean OUR TEAM? arent we on the same team? we need to probably do a weekend day cause Ebic is like 8 hours ahead of us since he lives in nigeria we'll have to talk with him
  11. Chances are if Shiro banned you, you're going to get unbanned. If you're going to come into the SlayersGaming Trade server, don't talk about using PayPal or trying to deal with other 3rd party currency transactions. (Your name shouldn't of been an issue in my eyes) Thanks for filling out the format correctly, I apologize for you being banned for the reason "nigger", you've been unbanned. Sometimes our Admins ban people for stupid reasons, hope to see you back on our servers! Have a good one. Appeal Accepted / Thread Closed.
  12. please stop tagging roots in useless threads thx
  13. So if I'm comprehending this "evidence" correctly, it seems like @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ banned you for a legit reason. Your ban should be longer than a day, so consider this a fair warning. Adolf didn't have to lower it, but he did. Try to avoid leaving immediately after killing someone, sometimes it causes confusion then leads to a sticky situation like this one. You're just gonna have to wait out your ban. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed. @Cheese don't shitpost next time, or it's the clamps.
  14. You made a valid DDOS threat, therefore; it's a valid ban. You can pay bail if you want, but you already made a goodbye thread.. So I guess this is goodbye. Appeal Denied / Thread Closed.
  15. ight i removed your admin l8r allig8r