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  1. Call of Duty: WW2
  2. 1 SR = $1 Sounds fair to me!
  3. @Durandal @noobnz @President Evil @drewboo @Zox
  4. @Mysticmints metal factory workers are SCUM
  5. Halo: 2/3 Pokemon: RBG / GSC HL2:DM CS:Source DoD:Source Can't believe none of these were mentioned, all some of the greatest games of their time / ever made.
  6. I actually have a pretty good idea for a tournament, but, just trying to think of proper prizing, etc.
  7. Final Score: 13-16 This time around I tried to have fun and play with people who have been in the community for a while, but I guess I just need to make stacked teams every tournament since no one else knows how to properly hold a bombsite. rip. till next tourney where ebic and I can just rape everything
  8. Mystic and I were fine with 2-3 pst, and all you said was fine to sunday. Zeezo will be home at 2 pm so I hope you can get your team on asap, seems like my boys are ready to play.
  9. Mystic said earlier, 2-3pst? All pepe said was he agrees to sunday, lol
  10. My team and Pepe's still hasn't played yet, but if we win I can't play after 5, got shit to do the rest of the day. Finals would probably have to be next weekend if thats fine with @neT and it also gives us a week to decide the day/time/map. :)
  11. While I agree with a majority of what you said, when the rules are ignored by most of those who should be enforcing them, it creates a confusion within the community of "why did he get punished then so and so didn't?" you get what I'm saying? When I became ROOT, I implemented the "Report Denied" "Report Ongoing" and "Report Accepted" / Thread Closed + explanation why I was doing so. Still seeing ROOTS here incorrectly adopting what I created and its sad because it makes the reports nice and the person who made the report actually gets reason behind the final decision.
  12. Mo isn't apart of this community, every time he came on the forums all he did was spread toxicity and talk shit, which is why Pres permanently banned him. Dudes a scumbag
  13. Preach, brother. Preach.