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  1. Slayers Servers aren't "dead" or "dying" cause certain people are banned, they're dying because CS:GO as a Community Game is dying, it isn't fun; CS:GO is focused on skill and competitive / competition.
  2. -1 This dude literally can't listen for jack fuck, he actually has mental issues and needs to be treated in a psychiatric hospital while Zeezo is hitting him in the back of the head with a fucking hammer while Plue is eating wonton soup.
  3. -1 Kid has no self control and makes extremely retarded comments, needs to grow the fuck up before handling any position of power.
  4. Hi

    wut? im not complaining here about anything retained to the rust server. just chbillin
  5. Hi

  6. Hi

    this is one of the best songs ever. great song!
  7. For those that don't know LG was created because us higher ups and members alike from Slayers back in November/December 2016 lost faith in ownership. Too much questionable things going on so we decided to create our own thing not as an attempt to poach their members but simply because it was too toxic to stay there. I'm sure those who have had any experience with SG know what I'm talking about, but I'm not saying that to shit on them just giving our backstory!
  8. +1 Plue has gotten a couple people stripped/suspended of their Admin powers, he truly is a legend!
  9. too bad my tournament has punishments in line to ban people with staff powers on forums in line of forfeits and disqualification, as stated weeks ago. but like i said, you took my powers, so no reason for people to whine and say i false advertised anything, i had all the prizes in my inventory and i had tournament matches underway, and even sent you your knife back you gladly donated to the prizepool cause im not a scumbag like that autist we all know about calm your butt buddy from spreading false horseshit, thanks.
  10. >chondo gives zeezo 5 warning points as a meme, obviously a fucking meme <patches if this goes on im just gonna leave, not even resign, im gone!
  11. No one said anything about being scary, wut? Imagine being that triggered over someone giving you 5 warning points when you're a ROOT. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. And that's fine, there's no reason for me to host a tournament if I'm not given the proper perms to go with said tournament. That's Patches' fault. Not mine. I still kinda find it funny you told Patches you were just gonna leave if I stayed as root on the forums though @Zeezo LOL
  13. The fact any of my powers were taken just means I'm not trusted, which is fine lol, if I'm not trusted I won't do a tournament for the Community Owner and his members.
  14. even worse, fellow ROOT @Zeezo PM'd @Patchennopoulos to take said powers but then they say i false advertised to make me look bad OH THE IRONY no reason to host a tournament then, patches wants to take the powers its fine, just dont act like i never tried hosting the tournament