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  1. Hi

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the game begin!!!!!
  3. Thank you
  4. lack of management a system that is efficient Leadership
  5. It has been a while, I dont mind giving him another chance.
  6. when love turn into hate :(
  7. @Cheese
  8. thats weird :(
  9. what did you do to your 6p LOL? my friend's 6P is working fine.
  10. 2 hr longer by not touching it at all LOL
  11. New cpu faster here faster there this is a must, so nothing to talk about. The screen is nice, and please have $500 ready whenever you drop your phone the screen is going to break. FaceID? dude Android has it since 2012, you can tell me "it's a 3D face s and fuck those who are going to have plastic surgery. wireless charging LOL? take Apple 5 year to put this in their phone LOL ADD: Animoji ? who the fuck will use that shit LOL? but no matter what, those stupid dumb kid will still pay $1k for this phone
  12. uh

    it wont effect untill tomorrow when Patches change your group, but your behavior can change whenever you want to.
  13. uh

    Good :) I will be very happy :)