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  1. I dont see anyone scream on the mic said that I am going to freekill you before the kid start screaming on the mic "Fuck you, you Fucking Freekilled me, Why did he fucking kill me, Fucking ban this mother fucker" I never saw that on the server.....
  2. There you go. these younger players populate the SG servers <= yes, they are, but at the same time they are the reason why people don play on our JB because these kid are toxic as a CT. They can not be learning how to play a CT while being a CT. There are rules that for them to get an idea how to be CT. I went to another JB server that have 26 people at 10pm PST ... I stay there for an hour and their rules are stupid. but one thing they did is, NO KID TAKE WARDEN.
  3. when you only search his name, you will only see 2 CTbans, when you search his steam ID which is : STEAM_1:0:59849614 he has 6 ctbans the last one is by me, 60min, and it's Expired already. no idea why he is still ctban, and it;s a prem ctban. Looks like he got glitched, @Chondo, @Dewey, @Mysticmints, if you guys are cool I can remove his ctban.
  4. Your root will be add in 5 min
  5. OMG
  6. you can't do anything without us :)
  7. Hm... I totally dont remember how the rules is back in 2014... do anyone have a copy of it?
  8. Seagull told me 20!! not 15!! 20hr per days sounds right
  9. wait wait wait... 15 per month or per week?
  10. I think just accept yourself and who you are.... there is no meme can hurt you :) In the end it's just a game. In the end.... your life still move on and everything here will just be a part of your memory. My english is bad :) I know :) when people make fun of my english... Cool :) ok :) /mute dumbfuck 6969 I no hear you say JK LOL
  11. wow....I might cry if I watch the movie and saw him in person.....I hate it when I see them getting old....
  12. I will try to find some but I think it's the people not about the map....since last night I went to another JB server... it's rank 7 and there were 35 people at 10 pm... their JB rules are cancer... CT can bait if T kill them T is rebeling... we stand there in front of main cell for 3 min.... just try to unstack shoulder to shoulder and AFK freeze.....a guy's arm was in my body, we both get killed... I was like..... how can this server have more people then ours... why!!!!????
  13. I am chill the whole time :)
  14. I was thinking what if we spend a little bit more time for them..... let them understand how to play... but most likely they can't ....... No you are not, if you are still cancer you will be with plue/justdoit already LOL