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  1. other than the paidmin.... I think everyone did pretty good.... everyone have their good side and bad side...
  2. @kush my bb
  3. Holly Michaels Yuma Asami Kirara Asuka last one is not a porn star but she is FUCKING HOT!!!! she is my all time favorite Anri Sugihara
  4. map is not broken, it's just how the game is. I remember you saw me ban people doing the same thing.....
  5. *plays on server for 50+ hours* doesn't mean you will not get ban, if I break the same rule I will get ban too, I have been playing here for 3+ years *gets banned for doing something other people do all the time* Doesn;t mean that is something you should do I have fun on this server, but I'm not paying $10 to greedy server owners through a sketchy ass system. Sorry slayers, but I guess I'm done.... did something wrong still thing you have the right to use a map's gun to team kill.... dont make yourself looks like other 8 years old kid. You are not one of them dont be dumb you already get unbanned
  6. :( no lucky number for me..... 317 then
  7. it's very easy for T to rebel already.... why make it easier?
  8. @Electric™ @no chill dan @PSAGdude @Scrappin @JUSTDOIT @Plue101 These are the people that 100% cancer for SG....
  9. might not be home at that time... going to hang out with an old coworker
  10. Digimon World
  11. nice!!!!~
  12. Me Eat me
  13. Oh!!! for college!!!! NO! dont come back if you are going to college!!! spend time to get some hot girl during summer!!!! Someone ban him for 4 years until his is done with college!!!
  14. saving it for what??? what can you do with $20?