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  1. after reading all apps... atm.... 3 weeks 88 hr.... each day you have 4+ hr.... I have to give you +1 there is no way I dont.... only down side... he is only here for 3 weeks...
  2. yes it is, but fit me :) the newer model is little bit lighter
  3. g700 is an old model, look for the new one
  4. for all these years.... I have a mx500 mx518.... they are both awesome!!!!!! then Razer .... only one...mamba..... dont get me wrong... it was good... very nice... but the battery die after 40 days.... getting a replacement is not hard... but it die again... go back Logitech is a good choose.... I have my G700 for the last 2 years and I love it!!!! battery works fine!!!
  5. I am a butt person :)
  6. WOW this is a nice ass PC :)
  7. I will miss you bb.....
  8. like IP ban so we dont see them forever???? even they make another AC or use another IP
  9. thank you for helping the community :) I do want some tags LOL can someone mute/gag what something to this kid? LOL
  10. why do you like Slayers? why are you playing on Slayers servers? what make you stay here? ====================================================================================== Back in 2013.....I was playing on another JB server..... after GTA V came out... I stop playing JB for half year.... when I go back to the old JB server..... it was dead.... people dont remember me...... my friends are all gone... ( big shit drama happened...) so I just search for a JB server on steam... and HG was on the top at that time. get on the server..... Shxt..... who the fuck play on this server... it's fucking cancer.... so I join the second one on the list.... SG People on the server are fucking stupid and dumb LOL I had a lot of fun on the first 2 weeks.... during that time... I just start my new job as a TA ..... my hr was very little... only works like 15 hr per week.... the rest of my time... I am on JB :) people are cancer, but they make the server fun. people make fun of my english, but they dont make me feel like outside of the group. man.... I am feeling old now... when I start playing here I was 25......... I am turning 30 next month LOL I miss the time.... @darkness @Zeezo @Toasty @Laurence @Flea__ @Bill Murray's Cock. now it's only @kush , @keloy , @noobnz , @Rivet you just left.....
  11. smh

    oh~ make another one then
  12. smh

    I missed someone good again....
  13. we do the at the end of the meeting now
  14. Welcome~~Finally see you on forums ~~~
  15. @Bluee I am 99% sure they wont unban you.... so FYI this link is to pay bail...