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  1. that sounds like something @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ does
  2. so bring back the people who killed the server is the way to make the server good again?
  3. Admin power removed permanently
  4. LOL I haven't turn on my PS3 for years LOL
  5. spend all your time with your wife :)
  6. make the last person who vote aug 5th root!
  7. how's your baby :)?
  8. yup, I only have GTA on ps3 LOL anyone else?
  9. -1 not because you are fit to be admin, give the time you have for your kid :) be a good father :) Love you JK if you are coming back why would I not give you +1 +1 awesome admin +1 hr!!!! +1 know the rules
  10. still think that I hate you LOL grow up kid.
  11. so whoever pay tax they pay for your shit..... fuck me...
  12. admin application

    +1 no way you are 14 +1 mature +1 know the rules
  13. +1 used to be admin on server +1 know the rules +1 fun to play with
  14. +/- 1 can be fun to play with but at the same time can be toxic to others. play ear rap on the server got 1k min mute.