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  1. Totally deserve the 1 week stripped for not doing what I supposed to do.

    abuse my admin power.


    Going to put myself on timeout for a week until I am a good boy again!


    @Zeezo sorry for abusing my power.

  2. consider his uncountless mute/gag/ban I believe that he understand he should not be using his mic without stopping. he was being annoying. Uther ask him to stop, he did not, so I put a perm mute on him until the higher rank admin decide how long his mute should be. then we lower it to 150min if he was doing what other players were doing, uther wouldn't ask him to shut up. he has to use his cellphone to take picture of his computer
  3. non-stop talking uther ask you to stfu you said no perm mute you with reason uther ask you to stfu then we decide to lower it to 150 since you are muted, I put a 150 ctban on you with the reason " remove when mute ended"
  4. dead
  5. Ban added / thread
  6. Thanks for all the idea, I am going to make a post for each of them :)
  7. you did nothing to the community... all you do is Thank you for the money..... that's all!!!!!


    love you btw

    1. Galaxy Beatzz

      Galaxy Beatzz


  8. someone post @Mysticmints picture!!!! I want to see how he looks like :)
  9. now you again... you are going to make @Zeezo not happy...
  10. Prove it! @kush my fiancée's sister said you are cute:)
  11. no... it's over now.... the fun is over.....
  12. he want me to stop... it's over now.... It's all over now...
  13. +1
  14. I was there, we told you to shut up but you never did....maybe learn how to stop talking next time :)?