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  1. He has more than 50 hrs, he shouldn't be vet, give him root lol
  2. How can you give neutral when he is this bad... Even you did not play with him at all, you can check his ctban and bad history. I don't think there are more than 5 player have more bads than him
  3. Thank you very much
  4. -1 13, NO
  5. -1 FUCK NO 10 FUCKING BAN from the server 5 of them are Permanent ban 19 ctbans People who put Neutral or +1 should be strip as well, This is a clear NO for admin.
  6. -1 You are doing much better and looks like the only one left ssa who is under 16, but when you only play on JB and only 5 on TTT... I dont know why you need to be Private
  7. so you dont play on the server anymore but you think he is ready for it? -1 No, no hr
  8. +1, Good man, He is a Good man.
  9. -1 1.76 hrs on JB and want to be admin?
  10. -1 15 ctbans in 2 months -1 you only have 19.12 hr total, 10.55 hrs on JB.
  11. -1 Hell NO! you said you are leaving, not even a month after you come back and want to be admin ??? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
  12. +1 Good to have you back :) I miss you!
  13. +1 cool guy +1 Kush said He is good, then he must be good :) +1 30 years old buddy
  14. -1 Still using his laptop mic -1 never trust kid under 16 years old. We did it last month, and that kid got stripped already.
  15. you will be too