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  1. CSGO is dying, and every community is dying with it. It's inevitable
  2. +1 Was an outstanding member of the community. Did a lot of real root work and was banned for no reason. If you take a look at @rockajew's ban he was banned for just being friends with Goldberg. #FreeTheJews
  3. +2 cause it's mah boy Rivet <3
  4. Cause a mentally ill furfag decided to act like there's nothing wrong with bestiality
  5. You're just asking for it dude. Being a furry is already bad enough. You can keep it to yourself but you chose to display it as part of your online identity which pretty much means you accept and welcome all the memeing. You cant defend yourself at all, especially after you just said you told your irl family and friends. That's just weird bro.
  6. I'm starting to believe that being in Slayers is harmful to underdeveloped brains (kids) because it makes them age backwards. Pretty much everyone in this thread under 18 included
  7. @HueyShermanWhat they're doing is fucked up no doubt and i'm sorry to you and anyone else that has gotten DDoS'd by a root or staff of this community. There is a big decision that is probably (hopefully) going to be made soon that will decide how the repercussions will fall into place. Not going to call anyone out cause i'm not directly involved, but come on guys these are actual little kids. It's a low low hanging fruit to flex on kids just trying to play video games. Kick them, mute them, ban them, fine. But don't take away their power to turn off the game and play something else. That's just bully mode
  8. Nice house for rent. But I want your real address so I can have some tea with your mom after I finish telling her what a bad boy you've been on the internet
  9. @BattleFog Send me your address little boy
  10. @BattleFogDon't make me go X-Ray on your ass kiddo
  11. It doesn't matter because CS:GO is washed up and only tryhards and nerds still find it entertaining
  12. You talkin shit to my boy Steps? We gonna have a problem 

  13. mfw mcgregor loses @JUSTDOIT you'd bet on mcgregor wouldn't you
  14. In all honesty someone match me on a $50 steam gift card for Mayweather. Floyd is gonna murder Connor