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  1. do your job nigga.
  2. hmm, that's all I have.
  3. have you tried it again?
  4. have you tried turning it on and off again?
  5. fixed. nobody can buy nades
  6. Oh i'm sorry were just posting it for funsies? it's all good then.
  7. malicious intent ya dumbass
  8. It's unnecessary because it's illegal.
  9. sand nigger land doesn't even care if you ddos someone dumbo. Posting someone's ip to the public VERY OBVIOUSLY has the intent of ddos, dumbass.
  10. dumbass pres doesn't know his own country's laws. accessory to the crime
  11. does this mean I can leak your dad's IP since he's not in the community?
  12. oh posting IPs of people not in the community is A okay huh? This is a very sound and logical decision.