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  1. I have no idea how to even begin to fix this but i'll try my best.
  2. puttin in work

    hell yeah fam

  3. ctban added /thead
  4. someone give nigel a permanent ctban when you see him. and stop shitposting on this forum!
  5. Guys relax about the dead servers meme. Hype and I just got root, we are actively discussing and formulating a plan. I won't give up on slayers. Instead of complaining about dead servers, please try to populate the servers. Even if you log in and nobody is on, someone might login and see you on. Don't give up guys.
  6. fucking faggots pulling out.
  7. accepted. please read the admin guide and rules
  8. why does our 140,000 members group have 130,000 bots? wtf every member after page 187 is a bot or 'fake' account what is this
  9. what now bitch?
  10. i still can't read wtf
  11. how is anyone supposed to read that.
  12. Because you became root.
  13. tbh those were some pretty good dance moves.