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  1. so basically every paidmin ever?
  2. who are you
  3. U have a good birthday 

    1. Rivet
    2. .Doc.


      you forgot to say bye :(

  4. the only nazi we won't allow back here. rip my nigga lil coon. died during the war with the lil' biiiiiiiiiiiiitches. also bring back dodge the nade and fish in a barrel. those are the only two games i'm good at.
  5. I came across your steam page and didn't fucking realize you're a jojo fan too.


    dude hell yeah

    1. G3No


      oh ya, love that series! 

  6. Get the fuck out of my community you whiney little bitch
  7. Zeezo agreed to keep you banned. NOW STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY COMMUNITY
  8. who are you?
  9. my boy keylog has this son. +1 has never keylogged me
  10. Do it right now
  11. it's a meem you dip
  12. Its pretty annoying that these people who don't do anything in the community still get Vet just by begging for it... So if you would please strip my veteran Sc00by wants me to request that it is given to him
  13. alright, next order of business. give my boys @rockajew, @Goldberg and @Other Realm root.
  14. :^)