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  1. can i ddos you
  2. d*ng. got me there xD
  3. only once in a lifetime can someone ask for vet and get it
  4. Every fucking time you post something, you're always trying to get people behind you. Your desperation for attention and appreciation will never be satisfied. Even in an autistic and cancerous community like this, we will never see you as anything important or valuable because no one wants to hear or value your opinion. Save yourself anymore embarrassment by shutting the fuck up OR maybe you can look up some good comebacks because you're incapable of coming up with anything original. I'd honestly rather deal with Charmy and Plue competing in a rap battle than to ever have to endure your presence ever again. Off yourself.
  5. THIS JUST IN: SLAYERS REVERTING TO 16+ That means everyone who isn't at least 16 gets banned. That should take care of the 6/8 active users here. Now slayers can die peacefully.
  6. >not able to understand sarcasm ?????
  7. puttin in work

    hell yeah fam

  8. Hi

    welcome back nerd
  9. bye
  10. change could either destroy or improve the community. should've taken the risk tbh.
  11. it's because literally everyone in slayers bitches and moans about pointless shit rather than doing anything about it. some staff were either too fucked to do anything proper for the community or too fucking stupid. don't pretend like any of us were saints, we all lead this downfall by being one of, if not, the WORST communities CS:GO has ever seen. we honestly just need to close slayers and move on in life. it's more dead than my dad.
  12. yeah /kick GOTV