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  1. you purchase it under perks. i will reduce the amount it costs to purchase things tomorrow if i get time
  2. the extra hp and knife damage is minimal and will take you ages to fully upgrade unless i reduce how many credits it costs to purchase. It wont make a huge difference to rebelling unless you're fully upgraded with every perk
  3. Hello I have added a very nice Jailbreak Gang plugin to the server. Usage: !gang or !gangs With this plugin, you can create a gang naming it to whatever you wish and invite your friends to it, where you can then earn credits to purchase perks such as extra hp, increased knife damage, etc. You can promote members, kick members, rename your gang, etc. You can create a gang of up to 6 people and increase its size to a maximum of 15 by purchasing size upgrades. Your gang name will be your clan tag (e.g 'White Power' shown in the image above). Everything you purchase/do to do your gang is updated when the round changes. Everything is stored in a database, which means you can still kick members and promote them even when they aren't in the server. There is also a top gangs feature: To be the top gang, you need the most CT/Guard kills. Every time a member in your gang kills a CT/Guard, it increases your gang stats and gets you closer to being the top gang. (In the future we may have extra perks for the top gang) Please note: Giving gang members admin will give them the ability to disband your gang.
  4. @President Evil
  5. @bpendz @Flea__
  6. @President Evil @darkness @Flea__ @raiden33
  7. hi
  8. hi
  9. i've decided im not going to waste my time on a 1 minute mute. /thread
  10. just bring it up in the meeting you fuck head
  11. here's the agenda: Jailbreak -> Need to fix nominations list! -> Restructure - New rules/Start scratch with rules? - New updated plugins (e.g warden, etc.) - Plugin ideas - Start scratch with SSA's on jailbreak server? -> Anything else you want to talk about TTT -> Need to fix nominations list! -> Anything else you want to talk about Surf RPG -> Plugin suggestions to improve server population -> Anything else you want to talk about Trade Lounge -> Profile visibility plugin -> Any new plugin suggestions -> Trade admins and inactivity -> Anything else you want to talk about Admins -> Recommend Strips, Demos, Promos -> Restructure admin ranks?? -> Anything else you want to talk about Other -> People to make maps/graphics/creative content. Maybe have a development team? -> Ways to get people to join forums and post -> Ways to get people to join teamspeak -> Anything else you want to talk about @Zeezo @Parches @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ @Uther @kush @Ghos੮
  12. i was banned for a week but it expired yesterday but i still cant join the server :(

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      inb4 roots added extra week for spam

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      Unban the kid. He's the future.

  13. @Zeezo @Parches @kush @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ @Ghos੮ @Uther are you guys all coming to the meeting? if so would it not be practical to have a quick meeting like 15 or 20 minutes before the community meeting and then whatever we talk about can go into the notes