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  1. @neT_bK and @I Am Lucifer please find out from your team members when they are available to play and then decide between you two captains a time + day to play, i wanna keep this tournament rolling and so does everyone else thx
  2. yeah sorry you didn't get to play because of your dumbass captain not letting your team know the time of match or even asking you when your available to play. u can play in the next noobnz wars bud.
  3. later bol
  4. good job, looks fun. @President Evil you should remove another minecraft map cos theres too many.
  5. This isnt even funny.
  6. if you weren't wanted by "governing members of sg" you would of been perma banned
  7. i also updated the rules due to a certain team captain not properly informing his team of the match time, hence wasting everyone's time: 10.) Teams playing in matches must be ready to play at least 5 minutes before the agreed match time. 11.) Matches will not be postponed, if your players/player does not show up you must use your sub or play without a full team.
  8. thanks @Kate :) Congrats to Team 'Scarlet's Underage Party', you move to the next round.
  9. finally. TTT has changed too much to the point of where people are saying rdm over everything. It makes sense to remove this, we need to go back to old TTT where people didn't call rdm over every death. Old TTT made sense, TTT now is stupid, you have to literally wait for a Traitor to shoot at you before you can shoot them basically.
  10. yes 6.30pm pst
  11. good luck lmfao
  12. Here is @Chondo 's 1v3 Clutch against Team DACAS
  13. no more changes to your teams are to be made apart from changing captains or swapping a player from main five with a sub (if that doesnt exceed your 50 point limit). I have already chosen who is playing who and it wouldnt be fair if you guys swapped players around.