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  1. I plead the fifth.
  2. Need shoes for the winter and hate big shoes like Timberlands, Want more of the sneaker type. It gets snowy in sweden btw. Budget: 0-200$
  3. I remember when i asked for Vet and got banned
  4. y'all got me looking a lot at adidas so bought these two
  5. My English is bad, I am looking for like sporty shoes but i'm not gonna use em for it. want them to stick out a bit. like the Roshe One Dmb.
  6. Just lifestyle shoes, not meant for like street basketball.
  7. Meh wasn't planning on much, like 40-100 ish i guess. LOL
  8. Buying new shoes for everyday life. Looking for something like these ones. Someone Hook me up.
  9. #Sweds4Vet
  10. Just wanted to let you know, this happens on slayers too, it's just that the more known players are the only ones getting help. New fags on slayers usually report in chat, admin doesn't know of the person and usually just let it slide.
  11. i thought Scarlet joined before me tbh
  12. LOL y'all remember Stamm points? #MeandFrank at the top.
  13. Don't think people want to merge with slayers due to it's history & previous owner.
  14. Mark is banned btw, so are the jews.
  15. Ehrm, i think you are mistaken sir. You suddenly posted of picture of me from nowhere. You were the only bringing looks into this. Sorry that you're ugly as hell.