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  1. give @LetMeGetAdmin his admin, he has earned the right and shall not be opressed.


  2. @noobnz is there a game 2nite
  3. Alright. Idk when matches are happening but im available friday thru sunday until 9pm
  4. you dontv see me because i quit that shit. the community was dying because all of the kids trying to learn and fit in with the community were kicked out and never given a chance. besides, i cant play because im "not 16+"
  5. because some people religiously practice 16+ because its their final excuse when they get caught abusing "oh, he's not 16+ and he was annoying, the entire server thought so (objectively meaning he thought so and spoke for everyone). the mute wasnt abuse" "oh, he wasnt 16+ and he took warden (because i fucking wanted it even tho hes a good warden) the fire wasnt abuse." "oh he was annoying and not 16+ so i banned him" I'm with you. If it wasnt for having people under 16 our community wouldnt be here. when we first added it it was more of a general rule to get rid of those that are excessively immature, but most of our playerbase is under 16 and half of them are fantastic people. i'd like to point out that the people who preach 16+ have the most fucking abuse reports out of anyone, as well. they do this shit constantly.
  6. @noobnz once u get the ladder set up tell us who's casting. I'll stream if i can cast with vn0m
  7. make this man my co-caster we'll keep it interesting.
  8. Previous Casting/Commentating Experience: Helped cast and stream zeezo wars CSGO Rank & Hours Played: mge, 1200+ hours Are you able to stream CSGO to Twitch or Youtube: Twitch. Why You Should be a Caster (Don't post an essay): me and @Vn0m casted together and it was the least cancer casting of that tournament. @Vn0m pls do it too
  9. that isn't an opinion you dumbfuck It doesn't make sense.
  10. the title makes absolutely no fucking sense in terms of the actual post
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-STRAFE-Mechanical-Gaming-Keyboard/dp/B014W3FGYU/ref=sr_1_2?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1483898164&sr=1-2&keywords=corsair%2Bstrafe&th=1
  12. You were banned for attempting to trade using paypal. The rules clearly state that the only method of trading on the trade server is CSGO skins. @EricBiceps
  13. damn. sucks to see you go man, but i hope you have fun wherever life takes you.