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  1. @fuckyme
  2. not you
  3. you know his cock was fake right
  4. net didnt say he's been here for a long time. he just said logic hasnt, which is true.
  5. someone 300% more important than you
  6. doesnt mean i have you there
  7. dont cut yourself on that edge
  8. he broke his contract with ikea
  9. you might wanna register yourself, seeing as your friend might not be online for a while
  10. sorry i quoted this one but why is everyone surprised? This isnt the first time roots have given out ip's, and it isnt willy nilly. if someone fucks up bad to try and ruin the community, then theyve given out their ip's. Whether or not anybody stands by it is irrelevant, it's a reoccurring thing and all you retards are only just noticing it now that it happened to one of your butt buddies
  11. so you made an abuse report on people for making an abuse report on you?
  12. why is there a chink in here
  13. Thats a weird way to spell beautiful
  14. O H B O I S O M E D R A M A
  15. because hes a kid in a gaming community