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  1. literally one slay
  2. stripped permanently
  3. your brain has delay btw
  4. look again autist rage 3, bedhead 0!!!! damn dude thats a shitty track record!!! you might score some points if you didnt have brain delay! mfw bedhead has braindelay
  5. How hard is that to go through your thick skull? you had bad grammar btw, nt autist!
  6. i didnt say your grammar was bad, i just said you were autistic. looks like i was right, yet again!
  7. damn son youre just as autistic as you were last month, literally there is no helping you at this point. same exact kid i -1'd.
  8. yeah noobnz youre a fucking SCUMBAG!!! how do you even sleep at night??? AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH SCUMBAG KIWI AAHAHAH
  9. i second this vote. he pounds his weenie, his name is kenguini.