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  1. "hes gonna beat the fucking cancer out of him" this is my favorite slayers quote of all time, to date. nothing more impressive has happened since this.
  2. because unlike you we actually have friends in this community that care about us. they deserve the right to know where we're going and why theyre not seeing us as much
  3. i dont have time to play 15 hours a month on slayers servers, and even if i did, it wouldnt be that enjoyable. still on forums but no point in having admin if i dont have time and apparently no one else does either
  4. i dont want your handouts
  5. my name is at the top of that teamspeak list you have no power here!
  6. seein my name at the top I wore the pants in this community!
  7. we tried to get a pubg server but idk if patches actually sent in the application, i think we were gonna do it but then the ciggy/plue ddos shit got in the way
  8. https://www.downloadpangu.org/ios-10-3-3-jailbreak.html
  9. it looks like an android if the android engineering team had fetal alcohol syndrome. My next phone is gonna be a pixel, 100%. iphones newest models look buttfuck retarded, almost as retarded as claiming people who dont buy iphone are poor, considering the note 9 is only $55 cheaper than the iphone x and has a headphone jack, wireless charging, and has a screen where there isnt a ridiculously huge black outline around the "edge to edge design" iphone 7 rn, so im not some android dicksucker, i just would rather have an actual functioning phone i dont care if "android had it first" but what i do care about is not needing to plug in a $20 dongle to use my $5 headphones.
  10. youre only supposed to do one lie, not two! as if your scrawny fetal alcohol lookin ass got any puss
  11. yep. ban reason "talk to a root" indicates that he did a /kick @all or /ban @all command of some sort.
  12. later man, ive known you since i first joined i 2014, you were always fun to be around, hopefully ill see you whenever you hop in teamspeak.
  13. no but we should give everyone a second chance man, you dont understand!
  14. this wasnt your job then, you werent getting paid to do it. yeah, youre right! so we should unban EVERYONE who ever made a ddos threat/ ddosed, right? shit, someone get ciggy in here! @Parches you heard the man, one bad deed isnt enough, let's give them a second chance!
  15. still doesnt help the fact that fagachu is just a faggot in general i dont understand why we give admin to people who've threatened to ddos in the past