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  1. oops.. uh uh on the other account
  2. in der Hölle brennen Sie Fett verdammt jew
  3. Get trolled
  4. thanks for the heads up rofl #namechanged
  5. I'm suggesting you perma ban these fucking children cause they abuse admin all day. Fuck you OtherRealm Fuck you FRANK #growsomeballs #losesomeweight #silencemecauseur15
  6. proof
  7. Your name in game: Sieg Heil Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:71795097 Server this took place on: JAIL-BREAK Admin responsible for ban: Darkness Time when issued ban: between 7/7/2014 & 7/11/2014 Length of ban: permanent ct ban Reason for ban: I screwed up and killed 2 or 3 CT's cause of misunderstanding the wardens order. Other admins present at that time:Other realm, Toasty, and Ateir Why should we unban you: I was noob on jailbreak at the time of my ban. Now that I know the rules I will be a great CT, I'v read the rules thoroughly and play on the jailbreak server almost everyday now. Screenshots/Videos: N/A