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  1. Your name in game: Tori Steam ID: Tori Server this took place on: Tori [Optional] Map this took place on: Tori Admin responsible for ban: Kitty Time when issued ban: Length of ban: Perm Reason for ban: No reason, she's just afraid of me or something and hates me for no reason. [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Pres, everyone else. idk. Why should we unban you: I was welcomed back with opened arms from Flea, no reason for me to be banned. [Optional] Screenshots/Videos:
  2. unban me
  3. puppypaws is playing for my donations thanks
  4. Don't talk about me until you learn how to spell my name. Ion fight with anyone. +1
  5. After several warnings I proceeded to ban, meant to change to a timed ban. Ban is lifted.
  6. yes because i need dolls. ------- but yes i like this map :-) very girly much pink
  7. they're too skinny. u tried. Gotta have some phat on dat ass.
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  9. I've lost 10 lbs since September 7th and like my body. What do the aliens that live in the craters of your face look like? :^)
  10. again, have you ever heard of face wash? :^)
  11. i dont eat at food courts let alone go to the mall. have you ever tried face wash? i dont think girls set their standards low enough for you to reach them. lawl.
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