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  1. My boy @Zero invited me to play Jailbreak one night after playing a few casuals. This was waaaay back before I had even like 15 hours in this game. I instantly loved the atmosphere. At the time, it seemed like everyone was really chill and was all about having fun. I mean yeah people said "bad" words, hell even I did, but that was never why I liked the servers (JB). People used to actually joke around with each other (and not get offended). Dompy Bear, Darkness, Diggernick, Other Realm, Cat, Honzow, Obsidian, others made the server actually entertaining. I legit put in over 250 hours in my first month. Now the servers are dull to me. Everyone is just hateful and honestly annoying now. It feels like it became less about busting someone's balls, and more about trying to make them actually upset. This is why I don't play the servers much anymore. I usually can only stand a few rounds of JB anymore. Not trying to rant or say oldfags were better, just stating my opinion.
  2. cancer

    Still have the picture of you looking fancy in your suit. What cutie patootie :)
  3. God you're so retarded Edit: Nice Vet BTW
  4. Is it too late to get free likes?
  5. 1. More. Week.
  6. I'm just here for the occasional e-babes
  7. It isn't honestly that hard. Mic talk isn't the only way to communicate with people on the servers, there is also All chat, team chat, and most importantly, admin chat (both public and private). The issue is that most admins don't play the way they are intended to play as admins. Most of our regular admins now act how paidmins used to when they first purchased their powers. The whole purpose of being admin is to make the servers more enjoyable and to mediate the problems that may occur. If any current admins feel like they don't understand what their role is, hmu on here or steam. I'll explain in EASY terms how to properly admin.
  8. @Diggernick @Toasty @OtherRealm @Zero @darkness @Cat @Honzow Thanks for making JB fun and memorable for me when I first started out here. Yall are the reason I no-lifed so hard on these servers for like 2 months straight. Because of you guys I met a bunch of great and not so great people, and have made so many great friendships. <3 Love you all. Everyone else, if we're cool, you already know how I feel about you. :)
  9. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay
  10. What's the difference between a snowman and a snow-woman? Snowballs
  11. I think the title was poorly thought out. It seems like he was just trying to spark discussion about drones in general. That being said, I don't know anything about them personally other than I think they look cool.
  12. Can verify that this happened. There were two MFKers during this map that MFK'd then left as soon as we perm CTbanned them. However, wasn't able to server ban this guy before he dipped out.

    1. BleakProsperity


      what happened to the car she left in the middle of the road?