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  1. bouncy bullets have been around forever, they were removed 2 seasons ago which was a stupid decision imo because they weren't broken or anything and made it so toobsok an bruslice couldnt bhop knife 24/7 like the faggots they were
  2. Fuck em if theyre too lazy to look at the rules. It is all on them if theyre too ignorant and lazy to do so. All of the guys I have seen anyways say anything about ddos have all been toxic or annoying as fuck and the servers are better off without them
  3. Most of our servers games are heavily based on the rules of the game mode so when somebody new an unfamiliar joins the game they should thoroughly read the rules since we have active admins who enforce the rules. When they do throughly read the rules there are links in that specific game modes rules leading to here: and here: Now I don't know about you fuckwits but when I join a new server I like to know the rules and I actually read them so I 1. don't get banned and 2. enjoy myself more by knowing what I can / can not do. I don't see what is so hard about this.
  4. I don't know about that. A lot of people, especially new admins, like to jump ahead whenever someone mentions ddos and just ban them as fast as possible. I don't know why, but it is what happens when you have so many admins trying to prove themselves and they think they're gonna get promos by banning faggots. Personally I think it's a dumb rule now, but it was necessary before when we were getting ddos'd like 24/7. It should be altered to say something like "ddos threats against the server or any admins will result in a ban" or something like that. It'd make people feel more relaxed and 95% of the time people are just kidding anyways
  5. Ok
  6. Love these guys but you gotta give credit to Black Sabbath for starting stoner rock
  7. that sounds pretty funny, i need a sauce on all i missed
  8. It's the tits man, you gotta get it. Not as realistic as 5 damage wise but still really good
  9. You using that for Forza cause damn that'd be fun as fuck
  10. lots of clothes, fitbit charge 2, $300 and some cologne My bro got an xbox 1 s with forza 3, gears of war 4 and nhl 17 so we're sharing that too
  11. See you around you weeb
  12. protection is gay, it ruins the feeing. just pull out you'll be okay i've done it many times. Plus she most likely doesnt have std's unless she's greasy as fuck
  13. I fucking love you 10/10
  14. I'll sell it and use the money to buy a bottle of liquor and ill get super fucked up on tinychat for you guys
  15. Too bad this wasn't a joke