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  1. Damn those looks sick. How much does it cost?
  2. Thats how obey got Vet lel.
  3. show me 1 time someone asked for vet and got it... dumbshit
  4. np
  5. Here's what patches does if he still wants to make an effort. I don't know how u go bout rebranding, but you start fresh. No bans, and then actually treat your friends the same as you would treat any community member, in relation to getting rid of someone / banning. Too many freebies in this community not by patches or by any solo root but by all roots. But i think it would be hard getting server pop from a new server anyway, no use in creating a new community on a game where there is so many fucking communities already (and not to mention a dying genre, especially community servers). who gonna join a 10 server pop server? sure i see a lot of new people joining our servers when we got 10 pop, but do they stay? do they become active members? hell na niga. Also slayers has been dying for a while now. I would say give or take 20 months? My memory is a pile of shit but i'm pretty sure the nigas who came from our TTT server got on the old roots side and pretty much we went down hill from there. Ah the cause and death of SG, TTT. A nice fine wine.
  6. shut up nerds
  7. love me sum cock
  8. Probably the only post in SG i actually can say i have LOL'd at. for a second. was spicy my guy with just the right amount of anorexic dog fuckery my dude u feeme
  9. Soon™
  10. If the server leads spot an issue in an admins actions then he will report it. And he should also sit down with that admin in particular to let him know what they are doing wrong, before reporting the admins actions. if by the end of the month that admin who was talkd to gets better then hey more power to 'em... And remember we may be able to have powers that other's don't, but we aren't roots. The roots should willingly decide based off of the Server Leads opinions, seems to me like that's how it has been.