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  1. the point of the root panel is to minimize the amount of people that have the ftp info. so in order to serve the file from what would otherwise be locked behind an ftp login; the website downloads the demo via an http request to the ftp server and then uploads it to the user. demos tend to be in the hundreds of megabytes so just eats up bandwidth if you do choose to give out access to non-roots, it would be wise to implement a download quota per admin
  2. the restart wont make the bad reputation go away lol. any community led by pres will inherit it
  3. i was never playing a leadership role. i also dont plan on coming back; but i do lurk forums from time to time
  4. why not just ban ddos threats that are directed towards server and not towards players. everyone knows the server ip but only roots would know a player's ip
  5. "this game went to shit ever since they added 'with'to the title" -snuglez
  6. i stil lurk now and then but i have no plans to fully come back
  7. thats how mxchris got his
  8. i dont think i said i'd ever do any of these things my slaynr plugin stores data in a local database (sourcemod's clientprefs) you wouldnt be able to add/remove slays from a web page. idk if i ever shared the source code with pres but im sure addicted could replicate it and utilize mysql instead of clientprefs ghosting page doesnt make any sense tbh the friends list checking is not a bad idea. i'd imagine you could just have a php page grab the 765### (steam friend id? been a while) of all of the player's friends from a steam api call. the php page would be used to simply add delimeters betwen all the friend ids in order to read them all into the plugin through socket. then simply check all the friend ids against all the current players and notify the admins who their friends are or something
  9. i left to focus on working towards my computer science degree
  10. better yet, store logs ( for 7 days ) in a database so you can do some fancy stuff like this via a web page @Addicted
  11. well that's a first give this a read https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ1281
  12. sounds like your mom's credit card doesnt have enough funds in it
  13. I don't have you added on steam, and your steam account isn't linked, so I'mma post this here. 




    So you can idle playing Runscape Idle, while you Idle in Runescape, so you can Idle while you Idle.