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  1. Yeah we've gone too long with no drama for sure :(
  2. Did you just necro a 2 yr old post to advertise a dragon lore? Thats fucking nutty
  3. You were only back like 3 weeks dumb idiot
  4. $1000 I make an autoexec rip @all on joining servers
  5. $100 I chickenc4 jb till it crashes then ban dewey
  6. 1 .the people I met when I got here. 2. I like surf and jb 3. The hope those people return,and with how long I've watched slayers change and grow I could never leave
  7. yours was 2100 mine 2380
  8. Nothing beats the feeling of an r32 or r33 my friend
  9. @adason Even if you didnt agree with the choice to mute @ all by ghost removing his mutes isnt something you should be doing. Also any pre existing mutes to the 1 minute would be removed if you did that ,that includes perma mutes 100+ all that :(
  10. Welcome to the forums bud
  11. you were banned by @Warden Frostwater for 45 minutes wait it out
  12. All apps will be open this month.
  13. Brongo 1x
  14. Bailed
  15. Bail is no longer an option. You will remain banned from the website and servers indefinitely