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  1. I love you
  2. I dont get it,I dont even work anywhere near any factories I work on navy ships
  3. no
  4. serious -1 though Hes not the same Xray he was when he was younger,this dude went full and a half retard
  5. take a long look at that victory list. defeating thanos puts her pretty high up
  6. haha you guys unbanned jessica?
  7. You put me? :(
  8. @Mister Horse
  9. youz ok
  10. You're a good guy and youre dedicated to everything you do. You have a beautiful soul and will go far in life
  11. I mean I understand if people want some guidelines to live by and a hope that death isnt the end and some savior is waiting for their soul,whether or not there has never been proof of any of that shit. But people who are obsessed with their religion tend to be complete fucking idiots. If its not their whole life they aint so bad i guess.
  12. Anyone who has strong religious beliefs is a fucking moron imo.
  13. Hes a plague on these servers and this community,the only positive he brings is the fact he continues to pay bail for all his bans.