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  1. Who could have done such a thing????
  2. You got that right, buddy.
  3. Where is your God now?
  4. Unbanned
  5. Fucking ddos him
  6. Somebody gets it.
  7. Someone give me forum perms back. I'll unban the fuck out of all forum accounts. Let's speed up this shit show.
  8. Both of you just fuck and get it over with. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife.
  9. K.
  10. I still have Source bans perms. I gave it to you lol. Don't have forum perms anymore or else I would give you those too
  11. Ffs the dementia is kicking in again
  12. Zeezo Gaming

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      Slaying Gamers

    2. Kaz ^v^

      Kaz ^v^

      More like grandpa gaming. 

  13. Enjoy your vet on the servers.