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  1. Enjoy that forum ban. One of the roots might think you're funny but I'm tired of your shit.
  2. That whole argument gave me cancer. Let's not do that again. I don't want to get super cancer.
  3. I wasn't there when this happened but I have opinions to share. Do you guys want to hear my opinions?
  4. I told you that you would have a better chance of being unbanned compared to the others that have been banned. For now, you need to be removed from this community for the time being. 3 days is not long enough. Try again on 9/16/2017. Appeal denied.
  5. +1. Best root we have ever had
  6. You're not the banning admin. I want to know whether the banning admin actually investigated it or just did whatever a rage filled player told him to do.
  7. @NeonWaffles
  8. That 15 seconds to make a forum account must have killed them. Oh the humanity. I already did what I could to try to find the issue and it's out of my hands. Everything is right in source bans as far as perms given.
  9. It'd be a sweet idea if someone were actually willing to do all the work for it but it's alot to do. That'd be a larger team project dedicated just to that and I don't think we really want to tie up the whole dev team for something we don't necessarily need but would like to have. I like the idea though. I'd much rather surf or deathmatch while I wait after being killed in TTT. As Hype said, perhaps if someone down the road is developing a new map, it could be added into that.
  10. You're fucking fired lmao
  11. How was him no clipping and killing people in SK really affecting you? It's a trade server. Trade stuff. I no clip and knife all the time in the trade server lmao. Nobody says shit and everyone laughs about it. I would have muted you too for talking shit about something silly like that.
  12. Okay. @Rage* and @cum if you guys could start getting a timeline together asap that'd be great.
  13. We've tried expanding to other games and it did not work out that well. The community plays other games together as well. I suppose we could try to reinforce the fact that we play other games besides CSGO somehow. By expanding, I mean making servers in other games.