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  1. Bow to your superior.
  2. Yes you. Stop your noclipping.
  3. I switched my schedule at work so I will be off Saturday. Not guarantee I can still be there in time but let's just push for Saturday about a half hour before the meeting.
  4. Not going to be at the meeting or else I would have suggested that lol. I don't want to be the one suggesting a server lead meeting then not even be there
  5. Make an appeal. I'm not the one that banned you.
  6. +1 a real nigga
  7. It's been 4 months. Show this to an admin in the server and have your ban lowered to 300 minutes. If you get permanently ct banned after that, I don't know what to tell you. /thread
  8. King Plue has spoken.
  9. So far weekdays seem like the easiest thing. Maybe Tuesday? I'm off work Tuesday
  10. @Uther @Ghos੮ @Adolf Eichmann_GSD™ @kush @Parches @noobnz I want to have a meeting with all server leads and hopefully all the roots as well to discuss the servers and how we can all work to improve them together. I feel like there is not enough communication as a whole team and would like to work on this. I want to hold this within the next couple days or maybe this weekend. What times are good with everybody and dates?
  11. @steps @Sylencez @Troy @NEVER GUUD either pay bail for Apollo or find a replacement by game time.
  12. @GotK is correct. If you didn't see him kill anybody, you cannot just call a kos on him. You can say you have a strong suspicion and explain your reasoning but you didn't witness anything. Your slays were deserved. /thread
  13. What Xray said. You have until game time to find a replacement.