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  1. New form submission from Ban Appeal Your name in game: Other Realm Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:47023143 Server this took place on: Jailbreak [Optional] Map this took place on: Admin responsible for ban: President Evil Time of ban: 10-04-14 15:31 Length of ban: Permanent Reason for ban: "Cancer" [Optional] Other admins present at that time: Why should you be unbanned: Because I was never given a legit reason for the ban, and the admin banned me because he disliked me. [Optional] Screenshots/Videos: [Optional] Anything else you would like to say: This is years ago, get over yourself. ;)
  2. I haven't been on this account in a long time.... I welcome the community in open arms, as they too open me in open arms.
  3. Also the fuck does everywhere fucking mean, I play on two slayers servers, one being Test the other Jailbreak.
  4. aren't you the dumb shit 12 year old who bought paid admin and tried being egdy on forums
  5. @Spidros fuck you you dirty fucking spic. Also when did cutting grass require you to be cleanly shaven. Also love you you dirty spic plz notell mommy
  6. You don't say? This is such a new thing too all of us!!
  7. ok jennifer i'll take a note from ur book m8
  8. I too, take Video Games very seriously, and if anyone were to try to have fun I will end them.
  9. i forget mine edit: it's sleeper agent. swag.
  10. 1 2 3 @Darkness bye bye.
  11. "(For example, "If one admin of any rank and at least 3 players agree that it was true abuse, action will be taken if reported")" I'd like to say Darkness truly abuses cmon 2 more people and we rekt him!!1
  12. why you niggers want to turn slayers into hellsgamers so fucking much.
  13. this is why we're the best.