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  1. Real housewives of Nigeria
  2. It's hardcore influenced lol Peep this band nails
  3. Goldberg you just became my favorite person. Despised icon was the shit, one of the few metal core bands I like
  4. What do you mean by these "other servers"
  5. hardcore also some hip hop http://youtu.be/dQqZQ4x3Ai0 http://youtu.be/Hp9nzBKuKgk http://youtu.be/IasKqCQYIrg
  6. ASL 20 M CA im e3stevo i like long walks on the beech and spankings
  7. Shoutout to pres and everyone else good times a comin
  8. 1. Steve 2. : E3stevo 3. 20 4. a month or so. 5. Always on trying to make the game fun, Would be great to mute idiots or stop freekilling, etc always bringing new people onto the server and a lot of players like me. for the most part 6. Jailbreak 7. Daily 8. Yes 9. Yes i do