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  1. Hey, so I suggest a map called jb_Daolonwong [FIXEDitshouldworknowFIXED Link here: ... ong_v3.bsp ] It was made by a freind of mine and the creator of jb_obama also helped out some. It has quite a few fun original games and activities that I have not seen on any other maps. It also has a surf, two climbs, a deathrun, a jungle gym and many other things to do. There are many gun choices and there are also vents, teleporters and many secrets to discover. I highly suggest this map because it will give a lot of contrast between maps and I know that my freind, Daolonwong worked hard and would highly appreciate his map being on your server. Also, since I was told I could suggest multiple maps, here are some that I think are good: Jb_Castleguarddev_v5 Which can be located in the steam workshop by searching it as well as jb_spy_vs_spy_beta_v1-2-3 which was suggested in this forum {also in workshop} and avalanche which I will get the correct name of soon.